UCCF 5/25/23: Spending, 1741, and LGBTQIA Best Seller?

Questions on change orders and legal fees along with comments on respecting citizens and whether this book or this book is a best seller:

Some 1741 history:

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UCCF 5/11/23: Hullabaloo

Though not in regards to the budget hearing preceding the regular meeting where nobody from the public showed up. However, at the regular meeting:

For those interested in only viewing the contentions portions, Bruce Paterson has this helpful timeline:

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Notable Events in County Government

No idea how wikipedia entries get created but the entry on Union County includes a section noting some dubious happenings since 2009:

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UCCF 4/27/23: Toss Out?

It has been a while but it looks like somebody was thrown out of the last commissioner meeting and this time the issue was racism:

Leading up to this:

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Moving County Employees

With construction on the new Union County Administration Complex delayed, most Union County employees currently stationed on floors 2-4 of the Union County Administration Building, along with Board of Elections and Board of Taxation staff will be moved to a temporary location it was announced this week:

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UCCF 4/13/23: Aside from Seal Stuff


Answers after all speak (for their 5 minutes only):

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UCCF 3/30/23: Priorities

The meeting was primarily on the county seal but we start with Bruce Paterson questions:

Responses follow along with representative issues on what the county spends money on and what it does not spend money on.

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Questioning UCIA Attractive Nuisance

Likely to be ignored at today’s meeting of the Union County Improvement Authority are these questions from Bruce Paterson:

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UCCF 3/16/23: Resolutions

Notes on resolutions and general comments:

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UCCF 2/23/23: New Look

Resolutions here.