UCDEM (2): Fanwood

According to David Wildstein:

Fanwood: Mayor Colleen Mahr, the Democratic municipal chair, is expected to deny party support for county committee to Union County freeholder Alexander Mirabella.  The move appears to be in retaliation for Mirabella backing Scutari for county chairman in 2018 over Mahr.   Scutari is expected to overrule Mahr – organization by-laws permit that — and put Mirabella on the line in Fanwood – a move that could trigger Mahr running her full slate off the line.

That seems to be what is playing out. Fanwood has 7 districts with 14 seats and 2 full slates running.

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UCDEM (1): Background

The Westfield Leader reported:

Democratic voters will pick who serves on the Regular Democratic Organization of Union County (RDOUC) for the next two years in the Tuesday, June 4 Primary Committee. Sometime after the Primary the committee will hold an election for county chairman. Last year Nicholas Scutari, a state senator, defeated Fanwood Mayor Coleen Mahr by the chairmanship. There are challenges in Ward 1, Dist. 4 and Ward 4.,Dist. 4 in Westfield and in Districts 3and 4 in Scotch Plains. No petitions were filed for eight of the 46 commit-tee seats in Scotch Plains.

Last year we looked at these committee members and how many of them held government jobs. This year we go more in-depth as there seems to be a power struggle going on among Union County democrats for those perks of public service.

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Primary Slates Challenge Machine Democrats in Union County

According to newjerseyglobe.com Democrats voting in the June 4 primary will have some choices for freeholder:

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UCCF 3/14/19: County Manager’s Political Second Job

It was alleged at the last freeholder meeting:

Based on available information:

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More Open Space Tax Theft

The theft continues as money raised by the Open Space tax is diverted to the county budget:

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2019 Executive Budget Calls for $7.2 Million in More Taxes

This 2019 executive budget calls for a 2% increase in county taxes from $360,978,181.27 to $368,197,744.88. A history of Union County taxes (excluding the Open Space theft) since 2001:

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Lawyer Fees Going Up

2019-169: Amending Resolution 2019-17 adopted January 6, 2019 to add the Law Firm of Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt & Cappelli, LLC, of Rochelle Park, NJ to the approved list of Qualified Litigation Defense Counsel, for the period of January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

2019-170: Amending Resolution 2018-1128 adopted December 20, 2018 to add the Law Firm of Purcell, Mulcahy & Flanagan to the approved list of Qualified Labor/Personnel Counsel for the period of January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.