UCCF 7/12/18: Consultants Group I&I & 1 no vote

2018-649: Authorizing the County Manager to award a contract to Group I&I Consultancy, Union, New Jersey, from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, for Comprehensive Professional Services in an amount not to exceed $75,000.

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UCCF 7/12/18: Active Shooter Training

Why pass sensible gun laws when you can dole out grant money to favored contractors for services of indeterminate value?

2018-627: Authorizing the County Manager to enter into a contract with 579 Solutions, Cranford, NJ, to provide comprehensive active shooter training to teachers, administrators and staff from Union County, through the 2016 and 2017 Homeland Security and Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Programs, in an amount not to exceed $200,000.

Juvenile Detention Center Lawsuits to be Settled for $400,000

According to the draft agenda to tonight’s freeholder meeting there will first be some pro-forma discussion behind closed doors:

And then:

Previously reported on these lawsuits:

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IGO (You Pay)

Dreaming of getting away from it all at a place like this?

In two weeks that is exactly where four county employees will be and you will be paying ($9,158) for it.

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UCCF 6/21/18: Pay-to-Play and Taxes

Both in open comment time at tonight’s freeholder and both responded to by freeholder Bruce Bergen:


UCCF 6/7/18: DeCotiis Back

2018-554: A Resolution appointing DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP of Teaneck, NJ as special counsel to represent the County of Union in the matter entitled H.C. Equities, L.P. v. UC, et als, in an amount not to exceed $20,000.

UCCF 6/7/18: County Print Shop

2018-552: Authorizing the County Manager to enter into shared services agreements with local municipalities for the use of the County Print and Sign Shops housed at 179 West Grand Street, Elizabeth. the County of Union by way of Resolution #2017-1036 dated December 21, contracted with Xerox Cap;ital Services LLC for the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2022.

2017-1036: Authorizing the County Manager to award the proposed contract using State and Federal cooperative contracts: Department of Engineering, Public Works & Facilities; Division of Facilities Management: Xerox Corporation, Woodbridge, New Jersey, for the purpose of providing equipment leasing and labor service for an on-site Print Shop for the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2022 in the not to exceed amount of $2,101,228.60. The use of the Print Shop is extended to all other governmental entities in Union County as a Shared Service.