Roselle Emergency Meeting Videos

Tomorrow we are supposed to get (a) a decision on whether the Anthony Esposito lawsuit against the Roselle Mind and Body Complex can proceed and (b) the official amount that this project will cost taxpayers, as determined by the ‘professionals’ benefiting from the project.

Tonight, even without that cost number revealed, there was a vote and a lot of public comment. In order of appearance:

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Roselle Emergency Meeting

From the Roselle website, this notice:

Word is that the council and Board of Education are looking to ram the Mind and Body Project lease agreement through before the end of the year since the good guys won some seats on council and BOE in the last election.

2017 Union County Election Donors

Now that the data has been uploaded to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission website we can see how much these votes cost each party:

Dem – Peter CORVELLI 71,036
Rep – Marc A. KRAUSS 36,052
Personal Choice 41

Dem – Angel ESTRADA 68,884
Dem – Christopher HUDAK 67,960
Dem – Angela R. GARRETSON 67,054
Rep – Patricia QUATTROCCHI 37,055
Rep – P. Mark MARTINI 36,982
Rep – Peter B. LIJOI 36,359
Personal Choice 96

On average for the entire 2017 election cycle Democrats got $8.50 for each vote. Republicans got a quarter. Not a quarter of what the Democrats got but literally 25 cents for each vote.

Here are the details with  spreadsheets  sorted by donor:

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Roselle Aware

The site of the proposed Roselle Mind and Body Company pay-to-play boondoggle remains dormant:

But those opposing the project have been active putting up a helpful website that targets the prime beneficiaries who all happen to be major players in past Union County fiascoes worth exploring.

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STA on Union County Taxes

In their latest blog piece the Summit Taxpayers’ Association (STA) asks whose fault is the alarming increase in government spending and taxation in Union County.

The question is not directly answered (though I have an answer) but STA, through research of budget documents, does make some salient points, including:

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Open Space Tax Theft – 2017

Tonight’s freeholder meeting, two weeks before an election, will be packed with politicians, over-sized checks and preening for photo-ops.

Check presentations will be made by the Board to the various grant recipients of the following grant programs: 2017 Kids Recreational Trust Grants; 2017 Greening Union County Grants; and the 2017 Preserving Union County Grants.

With these corresponding resolutions on the agenda:

2017-885: Authorizing the County Manager to award Kids Recreation Trust Fund 2017 grants to twenty (20) recipients in the County of Union in accordance with the Kids Recreation Trust grant criteria, as stated in said grant application, through the Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund, in an amount not to exceed $1,000,000.
2017-886: Authorizing the County Manager to award Greening Union County 2017 grants to (16) municipalities in the County of Union in accordance with the Greening Union County grant criteria, through the Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund, in an amount not to exceed $100,301.75.
2017-887: Authorizing the County Manager to award Preserve Union County 2017 grants to eleven (11) historic sites throughout the County of Union, in an amount not to exceed $300,000; in conjunction with and for the Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund.

The most pathetic aspect of this sick ritual is that, not only is it county officials giving municipalities back their own tax money, but that money being given back is only a fraction of what the county collects through the Open Space Trust Fund tax with the majority of the money going for the county’s budget these days, as we noted back in 2012.

Here are the updated numbers on the Open Space Trust Fund Tax Theft:

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Freeholder Defense of Roselle Mind and Body Complex

There is an story today examining why this proposed Mind and Body Complex is causing tension in Roselle. Not much new information outside of this hilarious quote from freeholder chairman Bruce Bergen:

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