UCCF 12/15/22: Raises and Resolutions

About those raises:

Q&A on some resolutions:

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Defamation or Free Speech?

Since this blog was mentioned in the lawsuit I feel obliged to set a couple of things straight on this matter.

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UCCF 12/1/22: About Those Raises

Here are the new salaries for county commissioners and department heads:

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UCCF 12/1/22: Bibi Taylor Must Be Removed

Part of Bruce Paterson’s comments on another UCIA fiasco included the suggestion:

Below is the full clip. Though the reference at the beginning about the county being ‘litigious against anyone expressing free speech’ may seem out of place, I assure you it is not and I have a blog ready to go once another outlet reports on the latest bully move a couple of county employees (who really run this place) pulled this holiday season.

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UCCF: Merry Ordinance

At today’s Union County Commissioner meeting, gifts:

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UCCF 11/10/22: Comments Only On Wasteful Spending

Resolutions mentioned plus an Ordinance:

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Billing: Possible Probe by State Comptroller’s Office

So how much has Kingston Coventry, LLC been paid so far to, according to TAPintoWestfield, provide general counsel and potential litigation services to the county in regard to a probe by the State Comptroller’s office?

According to billing records:

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UCCF 10/20/22: Videos

From comment time on union negotiations and video described in prior blogs:

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UCCF 10/20/22: Possible Probe by State Comptroller’s Office

Reso 2022-916 is $45,000 to Kingston Coventry for legal services. I notice they are experts in defending parties in legal cases.  This is a huge amount. Since this is only for “potential litigation” and not litigation, please explain what this is about.  I hear there is some investigation from the comptroller’s office, something about audits.

That was the question asked but according to TAPintoWestfield there was no answer provided so let’s look at what we know so far starting with the resolutions.

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UCCF 10/20/22: Paterson on Hudak

There are some resolutions on last night’s Union County Commissioner meeting agenda that Bruce Paterson did not comment on (though there is one he did comment on that we will get to in the next blog) on account of these general comments (as updated form this original blog).

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