UCCF 3/8/18: Opioids Payday

In the spirit of extorting money from vice:

2018-260: Resolution authorizing the County Manager to enter into a Letter of Engagement with The Keefe Law Firm and Kanner & Whiteley, LLC., to pursue litigation related to the opioids epidemic.


Union County Committee Members

According to David Wildstein:

In the special election for Union County Democratic Chairman last month, Nicholas Scutari won in a landslide: 412 to 341 over Colleen Mahr. In a race where you can count all 753 possible votes, a ten-point win is decisive; often candidates drop out if their internal counts are so far away from winning to spare their political allies the penalties that come from backing the wrong person.

In the aftermath, one Freeholder who backed Mahr, Mohamed Jalloh, looks to be out of a job; another is retiring, presumably to help Scutari take full control of the party.

Scutari’s win was helped by running up the score in the largest municipalities. He won 98% in Elizabeth (111-2), 98% in Rahway (47-1), 79% in Roselle (27-7), 71% in Linden (50-20); and 65% in Plainfield (40-22). Those five cities brought Scutari 275 votes – 68% of what he needed to win.

Which got me to wondering about the process. If the Democratic and Republican Committee chairpeople get to pick the candidates and Committee members get to pick the chairpeople then it is those Committee members who have the votes that count as well as being the ones who get catered to. Who are they and how have they been catered to?

For now, here are the names:

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UCCF 3/8/18: What’s an Area Plan?

2018-226: Amending Resolution 2018-147, awarding various contracts pursuant to a Request for Proposal in accordance with the 2016-2018 Area Plan, to reflect an increase in funding only in the amount not to exceed $2,193,856 for a new grand total not to exceed $3,722,524 to be allocated as outlined and charged to account numbers specified for the same contract year three period of January 1, 2018 through December 31,2018 with no other changes to the 2016-2018 Area Plan.

So what is an Area Plan?

Still confused? Let’s dig a little.

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UCCF 3/8/18: Mountain Biking in Watchung Redux

After being rebuffed last year, mountain bikers were looking to revive the discussion of bike trails in Watchung Reservation and there were speakers for and against…

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Breaking News: Two Freeholders Go Down

When Colleen Mahr went down in her power struggle with Nicholas Scutari it looks like she took at least one freeholder with her, according to David Wildstein:

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Walk to Collapse

There was supposed to have been a freeholder agenda meeting last night but according to the county website:

The Board has a need to cancel the Agenda Setting Session of March 1, 2018. The Agenda Setting Session will be rescheduled for March 8, 2018, commencing at 7:00PM. As a result, the originally scheduled Regular Meeting on March 8, 2018 at 7:00PM will now commence as soon as possible following the Agenda Setting Session.

As it turns out the conflict was with the 81st Annual Walk to Washington & Congressional Dinner at which, according to check registry data, Union County is being abundantly represented:

And, according to insidernj coverage of the train trip, also being abundantly discussed:

“Have you noticed Union County fell apart since Lesniak retired?” — lots of people

Check Registry Update

Click here for a spreadsheet of payouts from 2004 sorted by recipient and date paid as taken from Union County Check Registry data. Some of the familiar names are in additional worksheets in the file. Among them:

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