Worrall publishes in 'Capeceious' – Media Watch (Part 2)

The County Watchers’ Media Watch

Worrall Community Newspapers publishes 9 weekly newspapers in Union County. These papers feature a town section and a separate Union County Section. Featured on the cover of their Union County Section is a weekly column titled ‘Left Out’. What Worrall ‘leaves out’ of this column is the fact that it is written by a long-time Democrat operative, Frank Capece.

Frank Capece is a partner in the Law firm of Garrubbo, Romankow (as in the Union County Prosecutor) & Capece and has received no-bid contractual legal work with the county. He has made millions over the years and has so far been awarded $170,000 in contracts this year alone.

Grant it, Capece is knowledgeable about Democrat happenings and could really give us an inside view of what is going on. I’m sure he is an expert on the rampant pay-to-play practices at the county and could give business tips on how to get government work, but don’t expect to read about that in his column.

You also won’t read about: the county building the Cranford bridge 18 inches too short; property taxes increasing 50 percent in the past 5 years; freeholders who are arrested and charged with alleged domestic violence; ditto for a state senator and/or his wife and the police station that won’t release any arrest information; mayors sons who are arrested for kidnapping; mayors lying about owning property that will be redeveloped; powerbrokers appointing freeholders and firing them; the many Democrat committee chairs, former freeholder, a sitting senator and assemblyman that are on the county payroll; pension padding for Codey’s brother and County Prosecutor Romankow; retroactive pay increases for the appointed county manager who is a state senator’s nephew; county freeholders being the second highest paid in the state; county payroll increasing yearly by the millions; etc. It’s a sad fact that this list could go on for pages.

Although he writes glowingly and generously about campaigning county Democrats, I’m not sure how much of a service he is doing his benefactors with his column; I often have a difficult time deciphering his babblings. Capece writes in his own language, i.e. there is the English language, and then there is the Capecious language.

Some of this week’s county propaganda (there was quite a bit) as written in Capecious: 55 – The proof of a 2-percent drop in the percentage reliance on property taxes as a revenue source of the county government. (Campaigning)Freeholder Rick Proctor announced the good news last week at a panel discussion of the NJ Association of Counties….

In English: Nothing dropped. The 2 percent that the Democrat campaign refers to means that the total budget increased at a rate of 2 percent more than the property tax increase. In reality, our property taxes increased and county spending increased also. I’ve seen the county pull all sorts of film flams on the taxpayers without losing a vote or raising an eyebrow, but a room full of professional administrators must have laughed out loud at that statement. I’m sure they were all wishing their constituents could be so stupid.

I am all for freedom of the press and would never suggest that someone be kept from expressing himself. But, Worrall is doing their readers a disservice by allowing this Capeceious propaganda to pass as just the bad writings of a private citizen. I’ve recommended to Worrall several times in the past, that at the very least, to show journalistic responsibility, that this by-line should read: Frank Capece is a resident of Cranford and an attorney who’s law firm is given generous no-bid contracts by the all-Democrat freeholder board.

The reader would still have to struggle to understand Capeceious but at least they would be able to consider the source and understand that whatever the babbling means, it’s more taxpayer funded Union County Democrat propaganda.


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  1. Posted by Sergio Bichao on June 24, 2005 at 12:26 pm

    Last time I checked, I heard that Capece was NOT paid for his column. He just has diarrhea of the mouth and hand and keeps spilling out these useless columns.One funny item in his column I remember well: He said Hillside has a “smart mayor” and that her bringing in yet another car dealer was a “great idea.” [The tone of my typing would be sarcasm.Full Disclosure: I got to see Capece in action. He was the defense attorney in a criminal suit I brought against an elected official when I was in high school. He is one of the few people on earth whose physical chracteristics match the personality: greasy.


  2. Posted by vouc on June 25, 2005 at 4:43 pm

    Why don’t you ask them to print an article from this site as a counter point or ask them if you three can contribute a weekly article?Their responces would be telling


  3. Posted by Bob M on June 28, 2005 at 2:52 pm



  4. Posted by Sergio Bichao on June 30, 2005 at 8:49 pm

    Treffinger went to jail already and HE’S NOT UNION COUNTY! He was the Essex County exec.And this blog is not about finding ways to attack or deffend people because they belong to a particular party – which is what you seem to be doing. This is about making the govn’t accountable to citizens and opposing corruption.


  5. Posted by Tina Renna on July 6, 2005 at 9:13 pm

    Vouc,That is an excellent suggestion. Please forward it to worrall @: editor@thelocalsource.comI have lobbying the press regarding their county coverage for over a year now and could use all the help I can get in bringing about a change.Thanks.


  6. Posted by Sabrina Walker on April 26, 2011 at 11:55 am

    I just want to say, ditto.


  7. […] Capece is part of a law firm that played this game with Union County for years but then a school lunch scandal broke in Elizabeth and the firm got […]


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