Regulations schmegulations

In a letter to the Union County College President, the Union County Republican Committee (UCRC) is charging that the upcoming campaign rally for former freeholder Assemblywoman Linda Stender is clearly not permitted.

Union County College will be hosting a rally promoting one Democratic candidate to the exclusion of her Republican opponent, Leonard Lance. There was never any offer of this event being an “open public debate of political issues” as this rally was apparently orchestrated without contacting the Lance campaign. …….

Their facilities rental agreement states:
In no case shall external use of College facilities be granted for an event or other activity which promotes partisan political activities or candidates to the exclusion of their opponents. This prohibition shall not preclude the use of College facilities for open public debate of political issues.

The county uses their cars against county regs, they serve alcohol in the park against their regs, etc. There attitude is “so sue us”. Of course that literally means “US” as the taxpayers would have to foot the legal bills.

As usual, there is a double standard. The UCRC requested use of the same county college facilities in 2006 for their annual party convention, but were denied because it was considered partisan political activity. And when the county received a Homeland Security Boat in 2007 to protect the county coastline, the boat’s first critical mission was to have freeholder candidates pose for photo’s that were used in their campaign literature. The Republicans of course were denied access to the boat.

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