Apology now available for viewing


At its August 20, 2009 meeting, the Union County Freeholders read an apology to the public that it negotiated with the New Jersey American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to avoid a First Amendment law suit. The apology was clumsily read by Chairman Mirabella, who was the only freeholder to mention the incident that evening. It can be viewed on the Union County Watchdog Association’s Veotag account HERE.

The ACLU’s involvement came in response to the Freeholder Board’s informal “rule” that prohibits citizens from inquiring about nepotism during the public comment portion of the Board’s meetings. The Board has, in the past, prevented citizens from publicly asking questions concerning how many of the freeholders’ family members had county positions and whether those family members received preferential treatment during the hiring process.

The main culprit which led to the ACLU’s involvement was Freeholder Daniel Sullivan. Many people that couldn’t attend the meeting asked if he apologized. No, he did not. Instead he used his comments to harass a political enemy and thank his mother for coming out in support of him.

You have to see it to believe it? Thanks to Veotag, you can HERE. I couldn’t make this stuff up; it’s too ridiculous for belief.

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