The Netta Incident

When I go to Freeholder meetings I expect to be confronted but I do not plan on being confrontational. I go to ask questions about projects and spending in Union County Government. I ask hard questions, I don’t get many answers, and have long ago stopped expecting them. That alone shows a distain the Freeeholders have for the public and I’ve come to tolerate that.

But tolerating abusive, disrespectful behavior and ignoring it are two separate things. I’ve been antagonized and harassed to a point that at times I am moved to respond with equal intensity. At July 28th’s meeting that harassment was turned up a notch and I reacted instinctually.

As you enter and leave a meeting you have to walk past county workers, it seems certain ones purposely line up at the back wall.

At a recent meeting John Bury reported that he was confronted and called a f- a-hole by the retiring finance director. A new low for employee behavior. Don’t they know they get paid to be “public servants”? Try calling a customer a f- a-hole in the real world.

What happens during freeholder meetings is hard to ignore, though we have to tolerate it in order to participate in our government. The harassment comes in many forms. It comes from the Freeholders themselves, who insult and criticize those who question them. It comes from county employees who taunt the citizens in attendance and last Thursday for the first time in memory, I felt it come from a county vendor. That was something new and it put me over the edge.

At this particular meeting I first noticed the disrespect for citizens when the head of Golf Operations looked over his shoulder and shook his head at Jim Buettner after he walked past Jim who was sitting in the audience. Jim had asked a question about his department. He did this behind Jim’s back, yet in front of other people including the freeholders.

Then I saw it when Nick Netta of Netta Architects appeared to be laughing when Bruce Paterson commented on his contract. I took this all in stride, it was business as usual, and bad as those incidents sound I thought that the meeting was going to end non-eventful. There was a new vibe in the air set by the tone from the dais and the regular citizen attendees hoped this was an attempt at a new start since Manager George Devanney stepped down.

During freeholder closing comments employee Arthur Kobitz, who has been regularly attending meetings and sitting amongst us muckrakers, had positioned himself in the back of the room. When I leaned forward to quietly make a point to Bruce I was loudly shussshed – can you imagine doing that to your customer or client during a meeting? In front of your bosses?

This is typical behavior for Kobitz who’s salary is $84,645 and has 24/7 use of a Ford Explorer along with insurance and gas. Apparently he’s never been told to act appropriately. He’s shushed citizen’s before and has asked John Bury to pass a sexually explicit comment to me. Typical juvenile bully behavior.

I was taught to deal with bullies aggressively because they are basically insecure and count on victims cowering away. Employees should know me well enough by now, therefore I have to believe the ones that act disrespectfully don’t care if I react to their behavior. I confronted Korbitz on the spot. The meeting was disrupted and a police officer escorted me out. Kobitz, who isn’t a Department Head and isn’t required to attend these meetings, was allowed to stay.

I am always the one to have to leave or be silenced while county employees can speak and cat call all they want in full view of the Freeeholders and security. This tells me their actions are condoned, if not encouraged, by the Freeholders and management. My reactions are meant to shine a light on these violations, I am a second class citizen in that room and I don’t take that in stride. People that don’t attend these meetings should know how they’d be treated if they did.

Shortly after Kobitz loudly shushed me, I turned to find Nick Netta of Netta Architects apparently yukking it up with Kobitz. Kobitz was not only immune to consequences of his behavior but was being congratulated for it. I got really angry and reminded Netta that he was a vendor and I was a citizen. At the taping of the Citizen’s Forum Show that night I vented about what happened and Netta received the brunt of my attack. I’ve grown to expect bad behavior from the political hacks that work at the county, this was the first time I experienced this from a vendor. A new low.

The next day I received a passionate phone message from Netta’s wife explaining that Nick was not mocking me and she was hurt about the comments I had made. She especially was upset about my comments concerning Nick and Elizabeth Mayor Bollwage. I must admit this personal attack was out of character for me. I never go after anyone personally. I only concentrate on people and projects that involve Union County. To my knowledge, Netta’s relationship with Bollwage has nothing to do with his county contracts so I shouldn’t have brought it up.

I’m going to accept Mrs. Netta’s explanation that Nick asked Kobitz to shut-up and was just saying good by. It was my perception that his laughter was directed at me. It was reasonable for me to think that in my situation. My husband Joe grew up with Nick and has known him his entire life. He says that I should give Nick the benefit of the doubt. I had a few days to think about it and I agree.

My focus is with waste and corruption in the county. And even though my motivations are not personal the county has created an environment in those meetings that makes them personal. I am amazed that I am able to keep it together as much as I do.

Maybe it is because there are less than 5 citizens who attend meetings in a county of 500,000 residents. It is easy to single us out and personally attack us individually in order to discredit us. There are strength in numbers and the pubic is outnumbered 100 to 1 at the meetings. It has a chilling effect, who would want to attend these meetings after watching them from the safety of their home? Political opponents even stay away.

It’s a personal sacrifice attending those meetings, not only do I give up my time, but I put myself in harms way with no authority to turn to. I’ve had close friends ask me to stop my activism, it upsets them to see me disrespected and they worry about my safety.

Hopefully the New County manager Al Faella will set a new tone with a level of civility, class and professionalism that the County has been missing under Devanney. At the very least employees like Kobitz should be expected to behave professionally during meetings and holding him accountable for his behavior last Thursday would be a first step to repair relations with the public and get his staff in line.


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  1. Posted by maryj on August 1, 2011 at 8:16 am

    this article is HIALRIOUS. You shout out from your seat at meetings ALL THE TIME and go after everyone on a personal level ALL THE TIME. Are you really that blind?


  2. Posted by bpaterson on August 1, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    maryj, you must ask yourself why would someone shout from their seats unless they are hearing such rediculous statments from the dais. Example was when FH sullivan was denigrating the EBOE and accusing them of items such as making the workers at the BOE donate to their campaign. The hilarity of it was amazing since the FHs make their county workers do the exact same I yelled out “just like you guys”. Sullvan is such a hypocritical buffoon, he probably believes he, nor his 6 relatives on the county payroll, do not wrong.


  3. Posted by maryj on August 2, 2011 at 8:38 am

    There are standards of behavior at public meetings, shouting from your seat is juvenile, rude and disruptive. Nothing excuses bad behavior, inlcuding bad behavior by others.


  4. Posted by Unioncounty on August 2, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Who do you think you are to attack a buisness on a public website to try to humiliate them if you knew anything about the comment you would know that it did not come from netta architects, you are a non-profit organization that is a joke, your job is a joke and so are you. Attack who you want and they will attack you back especially for being clearly wrong. You do not know what you are talking about and should not even be as important as you are. People before clearly have stated that you scream across meeting rooms and ive been there to clearly see your wrong along with your joke of an organization and you will get what you have coming to you.


  5. Posted by Unioncounty on August 2, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Oh and by the way im pretty sure im allowed to say anything i want because this a free blog and also i can say anything i want in person, your character and family really comes into question into this matter and just because your husband lost a freeholders election and your not important in this state doesnt mean you can attack people out of spite and you dont deserve the power you have, after this comment you deserve to be stripped of your power you are corrupt and deserve to be put down


  6. Posted by Unioncounty on August 2, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Wow seriously posting peoples salarys you deserve to be put down and i cant wait to see it you have no power but a blog i hope your glad with your life


  7. Posted by bpaterson on August 2, 2011 at 11:26 am

    unioncounty and maryj- So its perfectly OK to have a freeholder denigrate a board of education and call them a terrorist organization. Hypocritical wackjobs like you two are rampant in this state, sadly. Luckily, you both may have free lifetime health insurance too. Maybe it includes psychiatric help?


  8. Posted by maryj on August 2, 2011 at 11:56 am

    No one said that was ok. Of course, the Star Ledger had plenty to day about the corruption rampant at the Elizaberh BoE, maybe you should go heckle them. Immediately, you start with the name calling, that is such a poor way to argue. I don’t have free insurance, believe it or not, people who have no interests with the county appreciate civility and repect shown at public meetings. Calling out from you seat is never acceptable and if you don’t understand that, well, it explains alot.


  9. Posted by Cranwood on August 2, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Awwww poooor little Tina. Did the big bad man scold you? Did you tell mommy? This was a non-incident, a non-story, non-news & should be deleted. It’s a waste of time for you to write and a waste of our time to read. As usual, you were disrespectful, arrogant, stubborn, overly defensive, uncivilized and WRONG at the FH mtg & on your Rustic Mill TV show. And you were rightfully punished at the mtg.

    The END.

    Post something useful & spare us your self-indulgent blogging.


  10. Keep fighting the good fight Tina. There are many of us who appreciate your efforts.


  11. Posted by Brian P Keane on August 3, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Hey at least the Union County Freeholders have the good sense not to publish a nude photo of themselves like the Cumberland County freeholder who photo popped up on a Ruford Murdock website


  12. Posted by Mark Boehme on August 3, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Tina, that you for all you do. Arthur Kobitz stole from Union County taxpayers and he should not be permitted to attend public meetings. He has no right to shush anyone. He lost that right when he drove taxpayer owned vehicles to Home Depot and Lowes for personal use, while on the public payroll. Other county employees have been prosecuted for this, why wasn’t her? Different standards for different people?

    Without your efforts none of this information would have been made public. thank you.


  13. Posted by Jennifer Netta on August 4, 2011 at 11:38 am


    While your group’s purpose and mission statement appear honorable, I regretfully need to inform you that you are reporting damaging and false information; making false statements; unwarranted comments; providing ill-informed facts and opinions; and projecting negative insinuations of illicit, illegal, unethical and immoral behavior in a video you released to the public via the internet. This video footage is also very misleading and confusing since your comments are mixed with false information which is being viewed as factual information by the public. Respectfully, I must inform you that you have failed to research and confirm the validity of many of your accusations, statements and opinions thereby being disingenuous in your service to the community abroad. The overall video footage and your comments are being misunderstood as truthful data and information by many unknowing sources and parties. This shall include your false report misleading and untrue information regarding Mr. Nicholas Netta, AIA, NCARB personally and the firm of Netta Architects business with Union County.

    Because this information is not true nor founded upon any facts obtained or evidence obtained by you, we feel the firm of Netta Architects and Mr. Nicholas Netta, AIA, NCARB is unfairly being personally and professionally defamed and injured by your ill informed unwarranted and unsupported defamatory statements and comments that are stated as fact and then shared with the Union County Taxpayers and the entire world at large through uploading videos onto the internet. Additionally, I wish to add that much of your false information and false statements were not relevant to your organization’s cause which is the County of Union and its taxpayers.

    This video was uploaded by your organization on Friday, July 29th on two separate websites you own. One is of testimony by Mr. Netta and Bruce Paterson, entitled “Netta Change Order” and the other is of your organization offering comments after the meeting at the Rustic Mill Diner, which additionally includes footage of events that took place at the Freeholder meeting on Thursday, July 28, 2011. These sections of the video are entitled “When you Shish Tina” and “Getting off on Nick”. Subsequently video’s entitled “When you Shish Tina” and “Netta Architects Change Order” was also uploaded to You tube with search engine tags entitled Nick Netta Architects, thus unjustly defaming our firm’s credibility and reputation further.

    We at Netta Architects, are seriously disturbed with your inaccurate reporting of a Union County Project matter that we are servicing which also include careless accusations made about the integrity, reputation credentials, experience of our firm and character and business relations of Nicholas J. Netta, AIA, NCARB, principal of Netta Architects. You have inaccurately reported information without performing the proper research into your overall accusations and account of the events that evening. Conclusively, these actions by you could be very damaging to the integrity of our firms credibility and pristine reputation, thus rendering a serious financial hardship with detrimental damaging effects to our future business success.

    Additionally, we are distraught by the inaccurate accounts related to personal matters that attacked Mr. Netta’s professional reputation based upon here-say and rumors that you elected to report and is unbecoming of us and your organization’s objective by reporting same. We respectfully request that your future reports are limited to Union County business matters that involve the taxpaying community which is your organizations mission goals when monitoring of Union County’s fiscal responsibility with spending. Kindly keep our firm, it’s owner and employee’s outside matters out of your reports and limit your speech and objective to your overall agenda to include fact based information you learn as your goal should not be to cause harm to innocent parties or businesses in the community.

    We do compassionately understand that a rash emotional attack was regretfully made in haste by you upon our firm’s Principal Owner, Mr. Nicholas Netta due in part from the adverse dealings you have experienced over the years in your attempts to service the community. In your retaliation from misunderstanding the course of events related to an unfortunate incident at the Freeholder Meeting held on July 28, 2011, surprisingly you accused Mr. Netta of participating in an altercation wherein a county employee offended you that is clearly described in your testimony located at a Rustic Mill Diner Organization meeting of the Union County Watchdog Association in video footage. You go on to accuse Mr. Netta of unprofessional conduct which can have adverse consequences and defame his pristine character and reputation, professionally and personally. You go on to upload these offensive videos onto your website. You proceed to make ill-informed accusations regarding our firm’s qualifications and his character on matters regarding our business relations in and outside of the Union County business.

    Allow me to formally respond to your videos and diner setting comments made on the evening of July 28, 2011 and uploaded on July 29, 2011 wherein you accuse Nick Netta of unprofessional conduct at this hearing that personally offended you. Mr. Netta did not become involved in any part of that incident and there are witnesses who were standing in the area that will gladly confirmed this for you. What unfortunately appeared to be a congratulatory exchange of words between Mr. Netta and the offending party, was quite the opposite, but with a subtle demeanor while he was exchanging good-bye’s as he intended to exit the Freeholder meeting. This unfortunately caused your misunderstanding and wrong interpretation of the event. We do understand this misconception could be suggested from afar due to your professed negative experiences with the County of past. However, kindly understand, Mr. Netta was also required to exchange courtesy’s with the client’s of our firm upon exiting the meeting. This was not to suggest an approval of anyone’s actions against you, or to include or disapproval of Mr. Paterson’s uninformed testimony against our firm.

    Mr. Nicholas Netta and the firm of Netta Architects holds no opinion regarding your organization efforts and objectives as it relates to the on-going relationship you have with the County. We do not and choose not to involve ourselves in any of these matters. However, kindly consider that while you work to achieve your organizations goals, we too have an architectural firm with business goals and contract obligations to professionally provide our services and maintain a pleasant and professional owner/client relationship. This does not suggest we hold any views or take any positions regarding your business or experience with Union County.

    Netta Architects, its owners and employees are not in the business to have opinions involving political issues and government fiscal oversight. Nicholas Netta, along with the employees at Netta Architects have worked very hard and continue to focus on maintaining our established strong reputation for providing only top quality architectural services for our clients project needs over the last 12 (plus) years. We are very proud that we have developed a very favorable reputation within the community and have never received any scars or complaints for lack of quality or performance within our designs services to date. We hold a pristine record for customer service satisfaction. We staff only highly qualified professionals, licensed in the state of New Jersey to manage our projects and address all of our client’s needs. We have enjoyed and are proud to say that many of our clients in the public and private sector, including Union County have repeatedly returned to retain our services for additional projects. We believe this is due to our high quality design services, and excellent customer service. We give our full attention to their desired design objectives while always considering their best interest to achieve their full project goals for competitively reasonable fees.

    With this said, I’m sure you shall agree that we have good reason to offended and concerned by your insinuations or claims that we may have obtained work through unethical, immoral, illegal or elicit methods, behavior, practices or means that include or suggest foul play on our part from cronyism or political contributions that are not within the legal limits to the State of New Jersey’s Pay to Play contribution laws. We respectfully request that your comments posted on your website suggesting or implying such illicit behavior be removed immediately. You have implicated us without any evidence of such findings as shown in the Pay-to-Play report that is uploaded on your page.

    From that incident, we sadly believe that you have hastily made damaging statements in all video footage without performing due diligence research into discovering truthful facts for accuracy into your statements that were then shared with the public by you and Mr. Bruce Paterson regarding a project involving our firm. Those video’s added to You tube are “When you Shish Tina” and “Netta Change Order”

    Inadvertently, while you uploaded the videos and comments over the internet on your two websites and later added to You tube, we are experiencing a defamation of character unjustly due to the inaccurate information and false content now exposed for the entire world to access indefinitely immediately underneath our business website page and Mr. Netta personally. The Google search engine tags, with our company’s name and owner’s personal name, causes the Union County Citizens forum to appear directly under our company’s website page. . This specifically includes all of Netta Architects existing clients and future potential clients as long as this sits on the internet. We respectfully request that you remove these tags with our personal and company name until you have implemented a higher standard and level of care to confirm your opinions to be factual information since the videos contain explicit accusations posed as facts and not opinions by you. We hope that you will agree that it is not your goal to presumptuous report false information in a careless attempt to destroy the integrity and reputation and financial success of Netta Architects based upon rumors and lies and inaccurate reports downloaded of our architectural services and experience you offer to the public.

    Additionally, you are carelessly listing our firm’s name without warrant or proven information when viewing your home page on Union County Watchers Blog Page. In the middle of the Left side of the Page, you have listed UC Fiasco’s. Under this title you prematurely add the Words “Netta Architects”, as if Netta or the County has made errors or such with the project at hand. When you click on it, you obtain the video from Bruce Paterson wherein his testimony inaccurately attempts to recite admissions statements by Mr. Netta. Upon review , you shall see that he clearly did not say what you attempted to repeat. Mr. Paterson then makes damaging conclusive statements regarding our firms qualifications prematurely. It is necessary at this time that you reconsider that Mr. Paterson’s conclusive factual statement inappropriately posted on the internet. Your organization has twisted the comments into having an entirely inaccurate interpretation of what was truly said. Without having performed your due diligence to confirm the history and dynamics of how this project developed to its current state, you have inaccurately reported that we are not qualified to service this project. You further make this statement without taking into account our firm’s credentials, qualifications, and project history which absolutely qualifies us.

    It is also necessary that I remind you that this project is not a fiasco as you wish to suggest on your UC Watcher’s home page. Until your organization obtains factual data to suggest otherwise, you should not be making this claim. You have no information or facts to support this project to be placed under this header and by the sub-header referring to our company name, we feel attacked as to suggest we are responsible for errors and omissions and poor service to our client. You are suggesting that we are responsible for a wrongdoing, when again, you haven’t performed any due diligence research to support your damaging statements on your site and in the videos. Respectfully, you admit that you have not begun to research any of Netta Architects, projects, change orders, or billings in your video post dated July 28, 2011.

    Secondly, we respectfully request that you stay consistent with your organization’s objective to limit your header’s project names not to include “Netta Architects”. Using our name suggests that we are responsibility for errors or wrongdoings that we emphatically deny. This feels like an unnecessary unprofessional attack against our firm’s reputation and name. May I remind you that you have not performed your due diligence research to assert this opinions in this area and with it listed on your webpage this way, it is suggested to be seen as fact. You should not be making these assertions as fact to the public based upon Mr. Netta’s answer to one question at this hearing. That answer did not make any admission to any wrongdoings by our firm or the County in any way as “UC Fiascos” suggests. Nevertheless, in the future if you still believe that the project has some loss of integrity to your claims, might I recommend that you use the sub-header: “Union County Courts Building” instead.

    Moving forward, I would appreciate your cooperation with me on matters that involve our firm’s projects and business to make better efforts to confirm the legitimacy of your claims. Unfortunately, when I placed my initial call into you on Friday, July 29th to assist your organization with clarifying information you reported, you refused to have a professional and polite exchange of words and hung up . Kindly understand, I am Mr. Netta’s wife but I am also an employee of Netta Architects holding the position as Director of Business Administration and Operations. I was surprised and felt crippled and victimized by this. My goal was to assist you with reporting accurate information to the citizens of Union County. As President of Union County Watchdog Association, I know your goal is to be a credible resource to the citizens you serve. Surely, the community at large shouldn’t have a need to become concerned about the true goals, objective and integrity to which your organization functions and operates from failing to give an accurate account.

    Mr. Bruce Paterson cites that the firm of Netta Architects is unqualified to provide courtroom building design services to the County of Union with assumptions that Mr. Netta admitted this in his testimony. This is not true and additionally without having reviewed the firms’ licensed design professionals credentials and past job experiences you should not post this on your website or You Tube. This was a careless and reckless non factual statement. Mr. Paterson has not gathered pertinent information to support his statement either. Mr. Paterson’s assessment regarding our qualifications was very hastily reached based upon one answer Mr. Netta offered for one question posed by the freeholder’s at that meeting. This hardly qualifies Mr. Paterson to conclude that the project is also a “fiasco” or that Netta Architect is responsible for any wrongdoings or is unqualified to provide the architectural services on this project. It shall be necessary for your to obtain project’s history, to obtain the dynamics and reasons for the Change Order fees that have nothing to do with Netta Architects incompetence or inability to design court buildings and guide their clients in the programming phase correctly

    We respectfully request that any and all project drawings and documents you obtain related to Netta Architects services be reviewed by a licensed architect registered in the State of New Jersey to assist you with obtaining an educated conclusion to your opinion prior to sharing data as facts regarding our services performed in past, present or future on your website or with the public Any opinions regarding our integrity and services performed without this expert’s opinion, shall be considered a grossly negligent act for slanderous/liable statements you project in your video uploads that could defame the character, integrity and reputation of our firm, its employees, and principal owner personally.

    Below I list corrections to your statements outlining inaccurately reported from false and misleading information and statements presented to the public. Kindly note, that there are so many, I most likely will not have included all of them. However, what is included on the list should be sufficient for your removing all videos and editorial posts on all websites and related sites that concern Nick Netta, Jennifer Netta and the firm of Netta Architects.

    1. Mr. Netta is not a member of any ” Old Hacks” or “old regime” who are on the outs of governing Union County. However, he has developed and established a pleasant and professional client relationship with employee’s he answers to that service the County of Union due to repeated services performed for many years that are affiliated with political parties.
    2. You accuse Mr. Netta, a county vendor for harassing citizens, specifically you. We are outraged by this accusation and deny that he was rude and disrespectful, out -of- control, etc. It is absolutely out of Mr. Netta’s proven professional and personal character to behave in such a way. Kindly review your video footage and note this.
    3. You state that you witnessed Mr. Netta “high five” a county employee. Again, this is out of Mr. Netta’s character. This did not occur as explained above.
    4. You state that Netta Architects has “made 10’s of millions of dollars of county tax payers dollars”. This is not true and not based upon any fact. It further implies that Netta Architects has made profits in the amounts of 10’s of millions of dollars from the taxpayers.
    5. You state that Jennifer Netta is personal friends with Angie Devanney, the County Manager’s wife. There isn’t any one person who could have ever suggested such a personal relationship between the two of us as it does not exist. This is not true
    6. You state that Nicholas Netta is personal friends with Mr. George Devanney. This is not true. However, as with all repeat clients, Mr. Netta has established a limited professional business relationship with Mr. Devanney that does not step over any lines to be misconstrued as a personal relationship or friendship.
    7. You suggest and opinionate that Nick Netta has nervous energy with the County of Union because the old people, regime are leaving. This is quite a funny analogy. However it is a misleading opinion and disservice to the public. Mr. Netta has serviced the county with architectural services prior to any so called “regime change” and we feel confident and humbly believe that we should continue to service the county after. We rely upon the integrity and reputation and quality service we offer our customers to earn repeat business.
    8. In one of your sentences you state that Mr. Nicholas Netta is a “supposed” architect. You are defrauding and skewing the public’s opinion regarding his reputation with a biased statement. Mr. Netta is a licensed architect in the State of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. Respectfully, we request that you do not use speech to minimize his credentials and experience.
    9. When you made reference to his designing and outside staircase, then inside staircase, you mislead the public when stating opinion as fact that “it didn’t work out” as you quoted. You insinuate and suggest there may be reasons that is at the fault of our firm as you continue your sentence with “then he was awarded another project” is an inaccurate account and misrepresentation to the public that we earn additional contracts regardless of poor services to the County. This is false misrepresentation based upon no factual documentation to support your accusation.
    10. You and Mr. Paterson inaccurately attempt to quote and repeat Mr. Netta’s testimony and further attempt to use false admissions against him to claim he said he is not qualified to perform the projects services. You state that his excuse for the Change Order was that he admitted that he didn’t know the specs of a courthouse, or state requirements. Nowhere in his testimony did he say that. This is false statement.
    11. You again inaccurately attempt to quote Mr. Netta’s testimony when you state that he said during the Initiation Phase “he admitted that he didn’t know construction code requirements”. He never made that statement. This is not true.
    12. You inaccurately assert in testimony that without your gathering sufficient data and documented information: “Obviously, Netta Architects does not know how to build court buildings and he admitted this”. Mr. Netta never admitted to this and you should not assert to this conclusion based upon testimony obtained at the hearing that is limited information.
    13. You claim to have been told by an “insider” and repeat here-say as fact that Nick Netta does not get along with Chris Bollwage”. Nick and Jennifer Netta “Mother F’d” him at a party we attended. This is not true. It is an outrageous accusation and we know that this could have never been reported back to you. Entirely impossible and we Deny making the statement.
    First may I add that this foul language in not a part of our vocabulary. To negligently, purposely and intentionally report this is irresponsible of a credible not-for-profit organization. An attempt to defame the character, reputation and integrity of our business in an effort to destroy business relations with our clients we have serviced for many years that are outside of Union County is a very hateful attack upon an innocent party that has no affiliation or concern for your organization’s objectives. By making such statements, you may have compromised our future business relationship with a longstanding repeat client, The City of Elizabeth. I can see no reasons to justify your wish to diligently pursue the destruction of one persons life’s work.
    14. You inaccurately report that Mr. Netta was totally out of control and due to miscalculations that caused his need for a Change order to the freeholders. This is not true . He never inferred to this as any reason for the additional service fees in his statements.
    Based upon the information that I shared with you above, I respectfully request that your organization review the video footage and remove same from your websites and You Tube along with all references to Netta Architect and Nick Netta personally. We hope that you will graciously and humbly agree that the consequences of your actions could unjustly have long lasting effects in our future business ventures within and abroad.

    Very truly yours,


    Jennifer L. Netta
    Director of Business Administration and Operations


  14. Posted by bpaterson on August 7, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Ms JL Netta, I read with concern your post on this site and the issues regarding my comments. I can only address my own comments and your comments within your items #10 and #12. I appreciated your posting, and of course would not take them as full explanation but only a cursory exchange. You did not really respond to my FH mtg statments in depth, only that you dismissed them as wrong. To reiterate my issue: At that FH mtg, in the resolution public comment section i had asked just why the contract to Netta architects (and i had preceded that with acknowlegement that netta is known statewide) would go from $900k to $2.7 mill. The original $900k contract was a professional services contract and of course per union county govt/UCIA norms is not competitively. But then this contract tripled. This definielty raised eyebrows. So I asked why. Your Mr Nick Netta explained that due to court construction standards the square footage went from 24k to 78k SF. As you rightfully observed, my subsequent comments went to the point that when buildings are designed the design professional would hopfully be proficient enough to know those specific standards of court construction and not have to suddenly increase the size of the building. Maybe if the county govt added additional courtrooms that would justify the size increase; And that would be the easy answer to explain. But it was Netta’s response that court construction standards came into play. This to me, probably being in design and construction longer than Mr Netta, did not sit well, and so I commented appropriately that he should have known that going into the contract and designed it properly going in. And you did not justify anything else in your response above to dissuade my opinion otherwise, not even defending that he prevously designed courthouses. So, we sit here at an impasse, this forum really isnt the place to resolve anything. But questions still remain: Did he design courthouses before? So what is the real reason why the courthouse SF increased? Does this appear normal in construction to have the design professional get a small design contract non-competitively just given to him, and then have the client just triple it by a quick change order? Boy does that seem a conduit for abuse. I will admit that I did not OPRA the backup for Netta’s tripling of the contract but as the county is wont to do, if you OPRA items, it may easily take 8 business days and there is only 7 days between meetings, so one does not have the info to review, and so one can only ask hopefully pointed questions at the mtg.

    My comments and observations at this time regarding Mr Netta, Union County govt and the tripling of his non-competitive contract stand until sufficient information justifies my reconsideration. You or Mr Netta can respond here if you like, or send a letter to the countywatchers explaining what transpired as you did previously like your above other comments. I appreciated your taking your time for that rebuttal.


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