UCWA Saves Taxpayers $131,112,000 – and counting

$100,000,000 from the Covanta deal that was originally set to cost taxpayers $150 million though 2050 in additional debt and lost electricity revenue before being scaled back to lose taxpayers only $50 million through 2031.

$30,000,000 from the Solar Panel scheme that was originally set to cost $45 million before being scaled back to $15 million that taxpayers will have to pick up after the inevitable default by Tioga, as has become apparent to Camden and Passaic freeholders.

$1,000.000 at least in legal fees that would have been expended for specialized legal services’ were nobody watching.

$100,000 from having to pay Web Creations only $35,000 annually to upload documents instead of  $135,000.

$12,000 in salary savings from George Devanney ‘retiring’ though this might eventually be a savings that will dwarf all the others as the many financial fiascoes Devanney ushered in (i.e. Musicfest; golf privatization) could now be stemmed.

Union County taxes are among the highest in the nation primarily because the ruling junta does not need to be responsive to taxpayers.  Imagine where they would be without the UCWA.



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  1. Posted by Brian P Keane on December 27, 2011 at 9:37 am

    I remember back in 1978 when the UC Freeholders ordered solar panels and that story made the front page of the
    Elizabeth Daily Journal edition. In 1999 they took the
    solar panels down because all they did was collect rust and the solar panel heating for the towers hot water never worked correctly. This amount wasn’t anywhere near 15 Million Dollars in 1978 but in 2012 it very well may be.


  2. What about Phase 2 of the solar scheme? It really boggles the mind how stupid our elected officials are. They do no due diligence and go with whatever the so-called, experts, who are also campaign donors and get work from the County, tell them to do. That is straight out incompetence.

    I’ll repeat it again. Chairwoman Scanlon admitted on a Freeholder Forum show that she really didn’t understand the solar panel scheme. Yet she voted for it.

    Dumb asses all around.




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