Vehicle fleet update

In February 2012 I questioned whether we had all lost track of the county employee vehicle fleet, I stated at a freeholder meeting that there hadn’t been an accurate accounting of take home vehicles for about a year. I never did get a verbal response to my questions, however their documentation seems to have been put in order recently as the UCWA asks for this information via the OPRA monthly.

On April 30, 2012 the County Manager issued a memo to department heads outlining the assignment of non-motor pool vehicles effective June 1, 2012. This does not include employees of the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the memo employees have to make greater use of pool cars, cars that aren’t allowed home. There was a sloppy accounting of this in the past, after a review of recent paperwork, it appears to have gotten better.

In the past gas consumption appeared to be unlimited. Employees with vehicle privileges now have an allotment of two full tanks of gas per month, however additional gas consumption can be approved. They will be expected to pay for their fuel if/when their allotment is used up (doesn’t mention the cost). The memo also doesn’t mention if they can have carry overs (one full tank this month – three the next). They will be issued a monthly report on their fuel consumption.

There is no mention in the memo about use of EZ Pass Transponders.

There is no mention of what an employee can or can’t do with his vehicle.

There are two types of take home vehicles:
24/7 Employees are allowed to use county vehicles for personal use and these employees are exempt from having to pay income tax on the vehicle – the IRS sees this as income, about $3 per day. The county would deduct this from their paychecks twice a year.

Portal to Portal Employees are supposed to just drive to and from work/home.

Recently there was a major shuffling between the 24/7 and Portal to Portal assignments. In April 2012 there were 36 portal to portal assignments, as of July 2012 there are 21 (down 15). In April 2012 there were 16 24/7 assignments as of July 2012 there are 27 (up 11).

Overall only 5 take home vehicles have been eliminated.

This employee still has his.

This employee doesn’t.

This employee got his back.

Current Assignments (not including Prosecutor’s Office)
Portal to Portal as of 7.12
24/7 as of 7.12


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