UCCF 10/15/15: Horizon Tiering Into Trinitas

2015-844 FREEHOLDER CHRISTOPHER HUDAK & THE ENTIRE BOARD: Resolution urging Horizon to postpone the implementation of the proposed Omnia Health Alliance Tiered Plan for a minimum of 90 days due to the dire ramifications the plan, as currently drafted, imposes onto urban hospitals and the communities in which they serve.


More on this:

9/30/15 njspotlight story

10/12/15 Star Ledger editorial

10/14/15 NJ Attorney General involved



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  1. This whole scheme stinks to high heaven. To understand what carriers like horizon are really up to, read this blog post http://www.backfixer1.com/the-real-math-behind-why-your-health-insurance-keeps-rising-it-has-not-been-published-in-your-newspaper-yet/.

    Our office has been given tier 2, even though we save the system thousands in unnecessary healthcare costs.

    I think, based on a mailer I got from Horizon that this scheme will replace their badly done advance plans which are being discontinued. Basically, the advantage were lower income and lower cost plans with mediocre coverage and a smaller network. This is likely replacing that with sqeezing larger hospital network systems that were included.

    Personally, without any real healthcare reform, this will likely save little if any money, but costs us more while giving us less.

    Read my blog post and the math makes sense. The insurers only way to make more money is by pushing rates higher in an environment where healthcare costs are likely being reduced or have much slower increases.

    Perhaps the newspapers need to do some real reporting on why costs continue to rise for consumers while insurers do little to craft real reform


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