Mum on Settlement of Inmate’s Death

On December 3, 2014 a complaint was filed against Union County and others alleging:

On or about February 17, 2014, several John Doe Corrections Officers and or Sheriff’s Officers used excessive force in unnecessarily subduing the plaintiffs decedent William Parisio thereby cutting off his airway and preventing him from breathing. The defendants, thereafter, negligently failed to promptly recognize William Parisio was not breathing, failed to promptly call for medical assistance and failed to promptly institute resuscitative procedures.  As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of the defendants, their agents, servants and/or employees, the plaintiff’s decedent William Parisio died on or about February 17, 2014.

On July 29, 2015 the estate of William Parisio separately settled its claims against Correctional Health Services, Inc.  (CHC), a private corporation under contract with Union County that provides medical care to jail inmates, and on the agenda of the September 24, 2015 freeholder meeting there was this resolution:

2015-799: A Resolution approving the settlement of pending litigation entitled Diane McKernan (Estate of William Parisio) v. County of Union, et als, Docket No. 2:15-cv-01675 MCA JBC in an amount not to exceed $200,000.00.

To which questions were posed:

Without answers as to the case since it was asserted:


“If the settlement is accepted by the plaintiff and once that stipulation of settlement and a confidentiality agreement is executed I can discuss within limits the settlement.”

County Counsel Robert Barry – September 24, 2015

As it turned out the “Confidential Settlement Agreement and Release” was executed by the plaintiff – on the day before, September 23, 2015.

The freeholders make a point of answering questions ONLY on resolutions, NEVER in open session time, and since this case is unlikely to ever again be on the resolution agenda, though questions may persist, this government sees no obligation to answer or explain.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on October 22, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Is attorney Barry lying, going senile or deliberately misleading taxpayers? My guess is all three. These people are shameless.


  2. Posted by Jim Buettner on October 24, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    RLAMB, you got that right. They are outrageous in their contempt for the taxpayer and citizens of UC. How they can justify their silence is unfathomable to me. I originally thought them to be a Criminal Organization but now I believe them to be a Secret Society made up of criminals.


  3. Posted by Brian P Keane on October 31, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I think this payoff is a insult to union county taxpayers.
    The prisoner was found guilty of killing his girlfriend and didn’t listen to the jail guards when they asked him to leave his cell. $200000 hundred thousand dollars is a outrage. I can imagine the family of the innocent victim how they feel about this.?


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