Real Election Winners in Union County

It is not those puppets on the ballot who have to attend all those meetings and do the bidding of their masters.   They cash in elsewhere with jobs at Kean or Scotch Plains.

It is their campaign donors who are the real winners and it may explain why a county with among the highest taxes in the nation re-elects the same people.

For example, looking at an income statement for the June primary shows the Republican candidates got $500 of monetary contributions in excess of $300 (click the picture for a clearer view):


That $500 was from one of the candidates.  Now let’s look at the report for the Democrat candidates:

Among the donors who gave the $45,500 in amounts in excess of $300 reported on this filing:

  • DeCotiis Fitzpatrick & Cole lawyers: $14,000
  • Cumming Construction Management Inc: $7,800
  • Mar-Bridge Enterprises Inc: $2,600
  • Mast Construction Services, Inc: $6,800
  • T&M Associates: $1,700

All can expect immediate returns from their investments and may explain to some why Union County has to keep building unnecessary and expensive projects that the majority of taxpayers have no use for and do not want.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rich Fortunato on November 4, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    I would argue that there is an error in your post. The Freeholders’ campaign received over $122,000 in contributions over $300 as of the date of this report, not $45,500, as compared to our $500 as of that date. I’m not whining, but as one of the candidates challenging them, I can tell you it is hard to fight against that kind of money.


    • That $45,500 referred to the donors named in that June 24 interim filing. There were also the under $300 donations with no names attached and the over $300 that amounted to $122k to that date for the Democrats for the Primary part. There was undoubtedly a lot more from other familiar names (I’m guessing another $16,000 combined form DeCotiis lawyers alone) that we still have to see when the General election paperwork is released. When we get that we will post a full accounting.


  2. Posted by Marc Krauss on November 5, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Despite the deep pockets within Union County Democrats, they barely won. Only a few thousand votes separated the Republicans from winning seats on the Freeholder Board. Imagine if the Republican party actually made an effort to financially support its candidates for Freeholder, they might actually win, especially in a non-presidential and non-gubernatorial election years.


    • Actually, according to contribution records the Republic Party did support these freeholder candidates to the tune of $30,000. There were two other $500 donations to the candidates (one from one of the candidates).

      It was all those county vendors led by DeCotiis that are the difference and those are the people this county responds to and operates for.


  3. Posted by Jim Buettner on November 5, 2015 at 10:46 am

    The real reason the freeholders can win year after year is the less than informed voters in BOTH parties. Case in point: BLOOMFIELD – In what has become a New Jersey tradition, voters have elected another dead school board member. Last year, it was a dead Salem woman who earned 682 votes, as the ballot was printed before she died. This year, it was a Bloomfield lawyer who collected 29 percent of the vote, coming in third in an uncontested election. He died Oct. 21, yet amassed 1,308 votes on Tuesday. as per Jaffe Morning Briefing. UC gets the government which it deserves.


  4. Posted by Jim Buettner on November 5, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Despite the efforts of the Watchdog Assoc getting the facts before the electorate.


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