Buying Election (1) – The Series

In addition to the freeholder election last week there were nine municipalities where Democrats and Republicans battled (to varying degrees) in 2015:

with outcomes that might have surprised some people until you compare those election results to NJELEC reocrds on Contributions to Candidates and Committees (excerpts linked to above by municipality).  Then it starts making some sense.

In this series (which we expect to run daily over the next two weeks) we will look at all these elections individually (as well as the Primary and General freeholder elections) to see, among other things:

  • who donated and why,
  • which candidates self-funded their campaigns,
  • which potential 2017 gubernatorial candidates planted some seeds, and
  • what some of that money was spent on (hint: not so much on informing the electorate as manipulating  them).

But first, this spreadsheet shows the average vote total by candidate by party along with what was donated during that election cycle based on information released to date.  In some cases there is not a direct correlation between outcomes and donations as each town has its own story which we will explore in this series.


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  1. Posted by Champ on November 9, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    If you divide each party’s donations by the number of votes received you get some interesting numbers. In Bramnick’s Westfield each vote cost about the same ($23.84) but the Dems got creamed. At the other extreme, so much money was dumped into Union by the Dems that each vote cost $17.16 while the GOP’s costs only came to $0.56 each. I’ll be especially curious to see your report on Kenilworth.


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