Buying Election (4) – EBOE Challenge

Almost every year the incumbent Democrats are challenged in the June primary by what looks like a slate that has a lot of backing from people working at the Elizabeth Board of Education (EBOE).  The EBOE always loses. They lost again in 2015 but with an unusual twist.

Based on donation data for just the primary for the incumbent dems and the EBOE dems, the EBOE candidates spent more money on campaign expenses.

All of the over-$300 donations to the EBOE people ($41,837.56) came from some event held on April 18, 2015 called the ‘Above & Beyond Gala 2015’ which apparently cost $30,190 and was held at the Pines Manor.  Another $56,406.69 was reported as coming from donors who gave under $300 and whose names were not reported but the feeling here is that many, if not all of them, would have listed their employer as EBOE.  Total campaign expenses came to $64,280.98.

Of course with all the county vendors kicking in the incumbent Democrats raised much more primary cash ($158,936.12) but they only spent $56,101.58 of that money on campaign expenses for the primary.  In the general election, with one final report due, their campaign expense amount was $70,244.75 to beat an opponent in the general election that spent $9,360.49 with all but $500 of that money coming from the Republican Committee.

The upshot of all this is that in Union County we have the incumbents feeling the need for a double-dose of bribes to keep their jobs and, thanks to their generous patrons, they get it.


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