Buying Election (5) County Freeholders In General

At the last freeholder meeting there was a lot backpatting over the ‘big win’ in the last election:


Choice   Votes Percent
Rep – Rene DIERKES  22,598   13.93%
Rep – Richard S. FORTUNATO 24,271  14.96%
Rep – Joseph A. BONILLA  23,383  14.42%
Dem – Alexander MIRABELLA  31,880  19.65%
Dem – Mohamed S. JALLOH  29,636  18.27%
Dem – Bruce H. BERGEN  30,351  18.71%
Personal Choice  85  0.05%


Democrat: 30,622    Republican: 23,417

Average votes with links to NJELEC records from which we learn:

  • Democrats got $110,000 in donations mostly from county vendors.   Aside from what they got from the Republican  Committee (most  of which they will likely return) Republicans got  $500 from Herman Garcia who works at UPS.
  • Democrats spent over $70,000 on items like consultants, setting up a headquarters, robo-calls, fundraising events,  lawn signs, and a post-debate reception.  Republicans sent out a mailer.
  • Summit had a contested election with Republican Ellen Dickson, a vocal critic of the county machine,  running for reelection as mayor.  Among the beneficiaries of the excess money that the county democrats collected was the Summit Dem Comm.

There is one more report to be filed with NJELEC 20 days after the election on which we will report but, based on the information we have, the results start making some sense. The next nine blogs will look at each of the contested municipal races (in alphabetical order) linking the results to the money.


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