Buying Election (6) – Berkeley Heights


Rep – Craig S. PASTORE  1,143  26.79%
Rep – Michael D’AQUILA  1,099  25.76%
Dem – William MACHADO  1,022  23.96%
Dem – Rina FRANCHINO  995  23.32%
Personal Choice  7  0.16%

Democrat: 1,009   Republican: 1,121

Average votes with links to NJELEC records from which we learn:

  • Republicans raised money only from the Union County Republican Committee ($2,000) and Bramnick for Assembly ($1,000) who is seeding support for his gubernatorial bid
  • Democrats got money from Romankow-related NJ Security Assessments ($500), Johnston G.P. Inc. ($600), Yellin for Council ($400) and Susan Mathis ($500).
  • In addition Democrats got $4,475 in monetary contributions of $300 or less while Republicans reported getting nothing.
  • Democrats reported spending on lawn signs ($552.32), consulting from Parktown Associates ($520.93) and an event at Delicious Heights ($353.10)

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