Rahway Stadium Bid To Be Awarded (Maybe) And Other Stealth Projects

The last item on page 9 of 13 of tonight’s freeholder agenda setting meeting reads:
 Authorizing the County Manager to award the proposed contract obtained through advertised public bidding in accordance with the Local Public Contracts Law, NJSA 40A:11-1 et seq: Department of Parks & Recreation: (TBD), for the purpose of providing Construction of Artificial Turf and Sports Lighting at Rahway River Park, City of Rahway, County of Union, New Jersey, for an amount not to exceed (TBD). This project includes a Shared Service Agreement, Resolution Number 2014-760, 9/18/14, with the City of Rahway and the Rahway Board of Education.

According to the county’s bid website the “Construction of Artificial Turf and Sports Lighting at Rahway River Park” was put out to bid on October 29, 2015 but all bids were rejected.  On December 1, 2015 bidding was reopened and, if the above resolution is for reeal, the TBDs may now have a name and a number.

Also on tonight’s agenda was an executive session to discuss two of the more disastrous county projects ever undertaken:

  1. Attorney-client privileged communication and discussion of potential contract negotiations and/or litigation relating to the New Family Courthouse Project; and
  2. Attorney-client privileged communication and discussion relating to potential contract negotiations with the Union County Improvement Authority on the Renewable Solar Energy Project.

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  1. Posted by bpaterson on December 11, 2015 at 9:11 am

    JB1-it was noted last night on the next week’s reso for “construction of artificial turf and sports lighting” that bids came in and low bidder was Applied Landscaping” for approx. $3.5 mil. Dir Zuber noted the budget estimate was $3.9 mill so it was under the estimate.

    as tot he exec session, no action taken last night since just agenda setting meeting, but unsure if there will be a resolution on either in the upcoming regular meeting next week for them to vote on.

    That solar energy item is interesting as the taxpayers were dumped on when the original solar energy contract to Tioga went bust. Wonder if the second guy (name?) who took it over is not doing well either, although the energy srecs are gaining value again up from $110/srec unit in 2011 to $230 now….but then down from $650 when they first jumped on this boondoggle when decotiis proposed it to the freeholders as a great program. (what the public didn’t know and what decotiis really meant as a great program, was to generate hundreds of thousands of $s in fees for decotiis and hundreds of thousands of $s in political donations from decotiis to the freeholders…while the taxpayers get left holding the bag to the tune of having to pay millions of $s in solar debt obligations). Its pretty easy to justify why we identify the freeholders as “scumbags” and a criminal organization, and jonathan Williams of Decottis as a liar.


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