Family Courthouse Fiasco

On the agenda of the 12/10/15 Agenda Setting meeting was this topic for executive session:

  1. Attorney-client privileged communication and discussion of potential contract negotiations and/or litigation relating to the New Family Courthouse Project

So what’s the problem with the Family Courthouse Project?  After some digging…..

On a recent visit to the construction site you see the Mast Construction and Netta Architects billboards but not that usually ubiquitous ‘Union County Connected To You’ sign.

This site visit was prompted by an anonymous letter:

Here is a question to be asked to our illustrious freeholder board but not sure if you will get an answer. With the Family Court Building in Elizabeth getting back underway, it appears that all of the stone panels previously installed to the exterior have now been removed.

If I recall correctly reading an article on the project, once the original contractor was removed the county was to have an inspection performed to determine what needed to be rectified. Were these panels installed incorrectly? Were these panels the incorrect type? What gives?

I assume with a competent architect and construction manager on board everyday for this project, something like this would not slip through the cracks. The specified panels or their equivalent would have needed approval by the architect prior to ordering with associated sample types prior to approvals. The installation would have needed to be observed and approved to the manufacturer’s specification of same by the construction manager. So I ask you, who did not do their job if the panels that were installed were all removed? Who is paying for this?

Netta Architects and Mast Construction are favored venders in the county. I am sure they will plead some case to protect their professional services as their contracts are only increased based on this projects final cost and not reduced due to errors and omissions on their part. The county tends to protect its friends and interests at all costs.

Through November, 2015 invoices for Mast Construction and Netta Architects have totaled  $3,891,768.

Among the most dependable contributors to Union County politicians are the same Mast Construction and Netta Archictects.

Much more to come.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on December 15, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Is there any project the ucia hasn’t fucked up?

    The more fuckups the better the democrat campaign contributions.


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