UCCF 12/17/15: No Stopping Rahway Stadium

This was pre-ordained once the politicians cashed the DeCotiis checks and adopted the attitude that anyone disagreeing with the destruction of an Olmstead park must be doing it out of ignorance:

2015-1023: Resolution modifying the 2015 Budget in the amount of $1,208,144.16 as a result of notification received from the City of Rahway for the City share of the Rahway River Park Improvement.


2015-1026: Authorizing the County Manager to award the proposed contract obtained through advertised public bidding in accordance with the Local Public Contracts Law, NJSA 40A:11-1 et seq: Department of Parks & Recreation: Applied Landscape Technologies, of Montville, New Jersey, for the purpose of providing Construction of Artificial Turf and Sports Lighting at Rahway River Park, City of Rahway, County of Union, New Jersey, for an amount not to exceed $3,539,325.00. (BA#74-2015; Union County Engineering Project #2011-019) In accordance with Resolution Number 2015-688 adopted on August 20, 2015 with the City of Rahway and the Rahway Board of Education, County of Union portion: $2,417,300.00 (includes Base Bid plus Bid Contingency); City of Rahway Portion: $1,122,025.00 (includes Alternates A through G)

Astroturf support for the astroturf:

Sad End:

Why so sad:

Which leads us to what we have now:


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Javagold on December 21, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    Taxation without Representation. I think some Patriots fought some Tyrants because of that. You all need a FINANCIAL revolution (like I’ve said for past 5 years). Nice seeing you get pissed off Patrerson. But words will never work with these parasites. STOP giving them YOUR dwindling fiat money !!!!!!


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