PTP: CME Associates

2016-41: Authorizing the County Manager to award a Professional Engineering Service Contract to CME Associates, of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, to provide On-Call Environmental Services for the County of Union, New Jersey for an amount not to exceed $25,000.00, commencing February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017. (Union County Engineering Project Number 2015-030)

2016-44: Amending Resolution Number 2015-893 adopted November 12, 2015, a Professional Engineering Service Contract with CME Associates of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey to provide additional engineering services related to the former Lenape Park Trap and Skeet facility located in Cranford, New Jersey, in an amount not to exceed $15,150.00 for a new contract amount not to exceed $365,061.00. (Union County Engineering Project Number 2011-029)

Pushback in Franklin Township

Union County connection




UCWA Announcement (yes the date has changed): a meeting where you will not be shut up will be held on Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm at the offices of the Union County Watchdog Association (1155 W. Chestnut Street, Suite 2B, Union) and all are invited.

We are looking to expand our volunteer (and paid) base to cover better the workings of Union County government, specifically as it pertains to each municipality. Ideally we would want one representative from each town to report on issues that come up as it may relate to the county. You could be anonymous or get a blog byline but of most importance is not to miss anything as it germinates or you too could wake up one day with bulldozers in your park.

No need to confirm. There is a large meeting area and drop-ins will be welcome. You can get directions here (it’s right next to Costco). There is plenty of parking behind the building. You have to enter from the W. Chestnut Street side and go up two floors to Suite 2B. This invitation will be on the bottom of the next few blogs as a reminder but if you have any questions or comments you can always email me at


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bpaterson on January 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    from your excel sheet on CME from your sept UCWA entry, the donation proportion of CME’s donations to dems versus GOp was an eye-opener for sure as to how corrupted the system has become in pay to play. Mind you that excel sheet goes back to 1997, but the breakdown from then to now is as follows:

    democrats: $1,900,000
    Gop: $160,000
    non-partisan: $55,000

    Much harder to track is the contracts given out, but ELEC does have a section that lists contracts. But we don’t have to really guess how that turns out.


  2. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on January 27, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Unfkingbeleivable no actual ground work even being performed for resolution 2016-44 and union county taxpayers already in it for a $365,061.00 for a skeet park that who uses?

    corrupt corrupt corrupt!


  3. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on January 27, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Tell me how many union county residents skeet shoot? What a SCAM once again! Guess DeCotiis makes off with this scam like the solar scam and CME? How many failed projects between DeCotiis and CME and almost indictments?

    Freeholder LOVE it as long as the money keeps coming. F the taxpayers, who they know will vote them in as long as a D after their names. Linden, Roselle, Elizabeth, Plainfield and all the D cities that you want to live in ~scar~


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