2016 Budget (1) Open Space Trust Fund Theft

This new series will examine by line item the quagmire that is the Union County budget.

We start with an outright theft that, since Union County tax increases have been consistently near the tax levy cap, has cost taxpayers an extra $100 million.

The state of New Jersey does this also, as njspotlight reported this morning:

Nearly $20 million in corporate business taxes is paying for management and salaries at state parks this year — a practice the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services claims is not authorized under language in the current budget approved by lawmakers.

In Union County, from budgets going back to 2004, we have had:

Open Space.

The explanation of these items in the executive budget revenue listing:

Debt Service – Open Space……………$4,464,841.03
Open Space – Parks Maintenance……$2,250,000.00

Both numbers are fictional.  As previously reported there was enough money taken in from the Open Space tax levy to pay for all the fund acquisitions. This $63 million went into the county’s general fund and paid for expenses that would otherwise have had to have been cut because of the tax levy cap and, when compounded for interest, means this subterfuge has cost taxpayers about $100 million so far in extra taxes above the cap we have had to pay – without getting any more Open Space for it.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Brian P Keane on March 29, 2016 at 10:51 am

    $510 Million Dollars for Union County Budget…
    Highest County Taxes in State of New Jersey
    Essex County 2nd. Bergen County 3rd.
    Cape May County 11th. 103 million

    Lowest Glouster $64Million Dollars third biggest county in New Jersey


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