UCCF 4/14/16: Pork Over Pensions

We will find out this election day just how ignorant the voters of Union County are based on a resolution that was passed at tonight’s freeholder which we will get to in the next blog.

But first, trying to wise up people whose jobs are contingent on believing what they are told, however nonsensical.

At the March 31, 2016 freeholder meeting there was an absolutely bizarre misstatement of reality from chairperson Bruce Bergen claiming that while the pensions for state employees in New Jersey may be in trouble the employees and retirees in county and municipal plans have nothing to worry about.  I rebutted such dangerous foolishness in a letter to the Westfield Leader and at tonight’s freeholder meeting:



The link to Assemblyman Jamel Holley was brought to my attention by a reader who was thoughtful enough to send that Financial Disclosure Statement.

When New Jersey public employees see their pension and health care benefits further eroded (if not eliminated) they may wonder what their elected representatives were doing while all this was going down. At least one was making sure his pork came off the top.


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  1. Posted by Reads Like a Mafia Book on April 15, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Holley has six paid jobs, plus he’s an assemblyman. When does he sleep?


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