UCCF 5/26/16: Gun Violence Lip Service

Gun violence took the life of an innocent bystander in Plainfield last night but when your priorities are repaying campaign donors, running a friends-and-family jobs program, and possibly electing a new governor there is not much you can bring to the table to solve a problem impervious to photo-op solutions.

At tonight’s freeholder meeting it boiled over:

Individual youtubes follow in chronological order:








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  1. Posted by steve on May 27, 2016 at 6:44 am

    Watching the clips everyone did make a valid point about gun violence –but what came across is about stand alone violence, what you carry it out with is secondary——It is a social issue and partly a mental health issue,and these could be broken down to a dozen more sub issues- The solutions were laid out here by Mr.Paterson and the other speakers. Now do the Freeholders have the wisdom and talent to know where to start–again the gauntlet was thrown down


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