UCCF 5/26/16: Matching Grant Blather and Freeholder Qualifications

Matching grants have played a major role in accelerating tax increases according to James L. Buckley yet  elected officials selected to keep the tax spigot wide open don’t get the connection:


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  1. Posted by Rich Fortunato on May 29, 2016 at 5:31 am

    It seems to me that at the County level the matching grant concept is a way for the Freeholders to (i) get good press, such as pictures of themselves in the newspaper handing out checks, doling back out to the towns a small portion of the County taxes town residents pay (and since most people have no idea of the huge amounts of money flowing into the County, people don’t appreciate how tiny the grant money is in relation to what is paid in), (ii) claim credit for public ‘feel good’ projects (notwithstanding that these are often projects the County shouldn’t be involved in in the first place), (iii) give the local politicians a chance to point to money coming in from outside, money not coming from the municipal tax flow, thereby ‘saving’ the local taxpayers money (which is nonsensical since the grant money comes from the taxpayer in the first place), and (iv) control the local politicians (by not doling out as many, or even any, grants to politicians not in favor with the Dem. machine).

    Even the multiple $100,000 County ‘infrastructure’ grants to Scotch Plains since Mr Mirabella took over Scotch Plains fall into this category. A $100,00 grant sounds great, but not when compared to the +$20 million Scotch Plains taxpayers paid to the County last year.

    A classic ‘look at this, not at that’ routine.


  2. Posted by steve on May 29, 2016 at 9:23 am

    I do believe you hurt their feelings !!! ( if that is possible ) Well researched and directed questions and countered by minimal answers.Do the freeholders even realize that the monies for matching grants all originate from the same pocket?–As for the never ending debt service -showing my age,the so called policy is right out of a Phil silvers sit-com called Sgt.Bilko, with the public playing the part of doberman—-Why no public airing of these meetings on a public access net work ( Fios.Comcast ect.)


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