Garwood Sports Compex Event

The Garwood Historical Committee re-dedicated a number of commemorative plaques honoring Garwood residents at the Garwood Sports and Recreation Complex this afternoon with comments from several Garwood politicians and friends and relatives of the honorees:

J. Acardi, V. Balakier, J. Balogh, E. Bermingham, Jr., A. Bradley, T. Brown, A. Bucciarelli, M. Castaldo, E. Cohen, E. Colonna, S.L. Colwell, A. Conrad, F. Corvelleyn, H. Cowell, C. Craig, R. Cuccaro, M. Curtin, H. Deane, A. DiMario, M. DiMario, L. DiStefano, E. Dias, J. Donnelly, W. Durow, E.D. Eagan, E.J. Eagan, F. Farley, R. Featherstone, H. Ferrell, F. Frey, J. Fuentes, J. Gallagher, J. Gavin, V. Greene, H. Gries, C. Greve, J. Guare, C. Guerriero, J. Hay, Sr., J. Herr, E. Herzog, C. Jones, J. Karalius, T. Kelleher, J. Kokulak, J. Laden, J.T. Leonard, L. Liskovec, L. Listo, W. Loveland, J. Lusardi, J. Markowsky, P. Materia, R. McComb, W. Miller, A. Mone, A. Morgan, J. Mossuto, E. Mousted, L. Mucci, P. North, A. Oliveri, W. Patten, E. Petill, F. Petrozziello, H. Piekarski, Sr., A. Prish, J. Quinn, R. Reed, W. Reinhardt, A. Romano, S. Rzeplinski, G.F. Schleicher, Sr., Y. Snow, E. Tiller, E. Tripka, J. Van Horn, C. Vogt, Sr., F. Wall, F. Wanca, H. Werthwein, A. Zappulla, J. Zappulla, Joseph E. Humenik, Robert Davis, James V. Guerriero, Charles J. Horrack, John L. Csupa, Sr., Thomas J. Colwell, J. Schnitzer, Jerry Russo, Frank Congiusta

Also attending the event were Freeholder Chairman Bruce Bergen and County Manager Al Faella:

who seemed to be only ones in attendance not invited to speak by Master of Ceremonies Bruce Paterson.



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