UCCF 6/23/16: Special Time Sensitive Resolutions and Miscellany

Finishing up coverage of the last freeholder meeting plus some items of interest:

2016-575: Resolution supporting the Township of Scotch Plains’ submission of a grant application for the “Safe Routes to School Program” within the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

2016-576: Resolution supporting NJ Senate Budget Resolution 4287, sponsored by Senator Steven Oroho (R-24), establishing a new line-item in the amount of $21 million to support county implementation of criminal justice reforms

Then this week we had another county vendor sent up and though Union County was not mentioned in the story:

According to court records, Dattilo, part owner of Bayway Lumber, conspired with others to overbill, charge for more expensive items or larger quantities of items and charge back the cost of gifts to customers’ employees through fraudulent billing from 2007 through November, 2015.

Bayway Lumber inflated the prices on items sold or intentionally failed to provide the prices set in contractual agreements in a number of ways, prosecutors said. With Rutgers University and University Hospital, Bayway altered vendor invoices to bill higher mark-ups, they said.

that could be because of a lack of cooperation with prosecutors as Bayway Lumber, per check registry data, sold millions of dollars of materials over that period to Union County.

While someone else who did some damage to Union County taxpayers got a little comeuppance this week.

On a sadder note Joan Wheeler passed away on Sunday.

Finally, for those nostalgic for the old days:



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by bpaterson on July 14, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Toward the county vendor, bayway lumber’s criminality and the union county involvement- JB1-you proved how deep union county govt, as a criminal enterprise is involved with a lot of criminals, this one being just another. however, they are Teflon- its probably a matter of senator lesniak getting involved behind the scenes to get the names of union county govt out of the media. That’s what political connections can achieve (that and being behind the scenes on the control of the funding side).

    and nifty pis you have there of table 14, as a guess that was taken before union county govt found out JR and TR are honest.


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