Tina Renna Takes Down Christie and the County Link

Another honest email exchange in regard to Bridgegate was released and to

  • “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” and
  • “Is it wrong that I am smiling?”

we can now, thanks to Tina Renna (no not that one), add

as reported by nj.com:

During the December 2013 Bridgegate press conference, Christie said his re-election campaign manager, Stepien, had assured him that no one in his senior staff had acted on the governor’s behalf to close the bridge access lanes for political retribution.

According to court filings, Renna sent a text message to Sheridan as Christie was speaking:

“Are you listening? He just flat-out lied about senior staff and Stepien not being involved.”

Sheridan responded that he was, in fact, listening to the governor’s answer, and reassured that her, “Gov. is doing fine. Holding his own up there.”

Renna then answered, “Yes. But he lied. And if emails are found with the subpoena or CCFG (Chris Christie for Governor) emails are uncovered in discovery if it comes to that, it could be bad.”

The link to Union County is through Renna’s attorney, Henry Klingeman, whose firm back in 2011, according to the check registry, provided some legal services in regard to ex-county manager George Devanney shortly before he became an ex-county manager:




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