Roselle’s Folly (2) Timeline

Taken from news sources and public records, a partial timeline  of the $59 million Roselle Mind & Body Complex, which got some covertage today, follows.

10/20/13: proposal (

In plans unveiled earlier this month, Holley and council members proposed constructing an new Early Learning Center school along with a new library and a community center with a full gymnasium and an eight-lane pool.

Now, Holley said, he is waiting for the school board to sign on plan so the borough can go out for bids.

Under planning for more than year, the proposed “Mind and Body Complex” that was outlined to about 200 residents at a special council meeting Oct. 8.

Holley isn’t releasing the total expected cost of the project, but as part of a presentation, said the borough would have to spend $1.46 million annually to pay off the bonds.

In a pitch for residents’ support, the mayor says these payment would add just under $150 a year to the average borough property tax bill.

4/8/14: Green light (tapinto):

The borough of Roselle, in collaboration with the Roselle Board of Education, made an historic vote on behalf of all residents in the community. After two years of deliberation, differences of opinion, and an exhausting, labor-intensive process, the Roselle Mind and Body Complex, a 4-acre, 100,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, is officially a go.

4/8/14: UCIA, Roselle Borough, Roselle Board of Education Shared Services Agreement

4/13/15: UCIA Lease Agreement

6/12/15: UCIA bond approval (

The Union County Improvement Authority has approved two bond sales totaling nearly $50 million for construction of a borough community fitness center and school facility.

Authority board members approved the sale of $30 million in bonds for the community center and approved a separate $19.5 million bond sale for a Early Learning Center for kindergarten and pre-k classes.

6/15/15: UCIA hooks its sucker (countywatchers)

Through June 3, 2015 the UCIA has already expended  $21,949 on this project and it will likely be another million-dollar-plus payday for DeCotiis et usitas alia.  The Local Finance Board is rightly worried about these exorbitant fees that Improvement Authority vendors are raking in.

8/19/15: Designating UCIA as Redevelopment Entitiy

12/9/15: UCIA Request for Qualifications

12/17/15: Roselle Redevelopment Plan Adoption

2/3/16: UCIA Conclusions and Recommendations

3/2/16: UCIA Approval of Escrow Agreement

8/18/16: Union County Bond Guarantee




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on August 23, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    Reading the nj.commie story, in 2013 the estimated cost to taxpayers was $150.00 a year. Now, in 2016 that cost doubled to $312.00. What could explain that increase? If the costs can double in 3 years without a shovel in the ground, imagine what can happen once things get moving. Over costs and whatnot. When all is said and done, NW gets its vig, DeCotiis gets its vig, and whatever other politically connected entities get their vigs, I project this costing taxpayers over a $1,000 increase in their property taxes per year. AMIRITE?

    The UCIA preys on low info voters in places like Plainfield, Linden, etc. Now it’s time for Roselle to BOHICA.


  2. […] who pushed through a massively expensive project favored by about 10% of their constituency but 100%… […]


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