Roselle’s Folly (6) Missing Perspectives

On April 22, 2015 there was testimony before the Local Finance Board where Roselle officials laid out why a $59 million Mind & Body Complex was needed (pages 24 – 25) :

MR JESSUP: The Board of Education has a significant need for a pre K and kindergarten facility. those kids are about 200 kids that are currently spread out in two separate facilities that are leased by the Board of Education. They’re not owned by the Board of Education. They are substandard facilities. Recreation takes place in a parking lot in one facility. There’s no recreation opportunity in a second facility. One of them is located on Saint George’s Avenue which is a main thoroughfare with Roselle. There is overcrowding in significant number of the classrooms. Many have upwards of 20 kids pre K and kindergarten. The target number is more like 15 kids. So there’s overcrowding. There’s currently a wait list for pre K enrollment that can’t be accomodated by the current leased facilities.

And as justification for the rest of the project (pages 25-26):

There is currently no rec center throughout the borough. So the borough has rec center needs.

The borough has a very popular and active library which right now is antiquated and too small.

And $59 million is what it will take to solve these problems? Nothing less? Wouldn’t renting another building for $250,000 annually cover those extra 100 kids? Or how about spending $500,000 annually for space at facilities that are NOT substandard?

Then we have this assertion by Mr. Jessup from page 26:

In addition, you know, in Roselle and a lot of other places where you have , you know, two working parents you want a nice facility, a good facility where kids can go after school and end up at a library versus out somewhere else.  In this case, obviously, that facility is literally right across the way on the same parcel of property.

Remember this is a school for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten kids.  Was anyone on that Local Finance Board paying any attention? Is there really a problem in Roselle with pre-K kids hanging out on street corners after school?


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  1. Posted by bpaterson on August 30, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Fees appear high?, that was a certainly a good observation from the finance board. I like on page 37 of the testimony, where the chair tells the union county entourage to be “mindful of the fees”…like telling the mafia, to keep their loan rates friendly. Also on pg 33 member Mr Avery asks UCIA Sullivan if he has the staff expertise to do this, and Sullivan replies, “we have the ability to do it”. When one stupid person without any expertise in finance or construction, like Sullivan, oversees other stupid people with no expertise, like linda stender, then of course in the comparison the subordinates look like they are intelligent.

    Sadly, the Union County criminal organization will probably pull this off since there is no real in depth investigation or oversight from the busy finance board….So, lots of money disappearing into hidden pockets….again! Watching corruption tactics at its finest. We could all learn something if we weren’t so darn honest.


  2. Posted by ReadsLikeAMafiaBook on August 30, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    How about parents take care of their own children?

    Roselle can’t even keep a supermarket in business. Go look at the Roselle shopping center. 99 cent store, liquor store, tattoo parlor. It’s a ghost town and NOBODY is moving there.

    Good fucking luck paying off that debt … which obviously will fall on all Union County tax payers.


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