Former Scotch Plains Mayor Calls Out Liars

In a comment to a prior blog post this reasoning was refuted:

As the former Mayor of Scotch Plains (9 years) and member of the Scotch Plains Township Council (12 years) I can tell you with certainty that there is no “precedent” for the mayor unilaterally raising the salary of any employee. If it happened at all, it is also illegal to have the mayor discuss this important matter with one of the other members of the Council without bringing it before the entire body for discussion and a vote. Whether the Manager deserved a raise or the money could have been better spent elsewhere would be an interesting discussion, however the more important issue here is that the Mayor and the Municipal Manager have lied on camera to those whom they represent and serve.

As a follower of Union County government perhaps I can explain.

If you serve as a Union County freeholder you get used to rubber-stamp approval for whatever you feel like doing.  Whether it is…

What Al Mirabella is doing is bringing a mindset that has pervaded Union County government for years to Scotch Plains:

  1. I do what I want
  2. I get my lawyer to say I can do it
  3. If you complain I ignore you
  4. I do what I want

It has worked in Union County because there are so, so few people who come out.  We will see how it plays out in Scotch Plains.


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