Lawyers and Politicians Buying Each Other

Union County can take Open Space Trust Fund money (about $10 million annually) and use most of it for its own budget.  The sole legal justification is this flimsy, ill-researched memo from Burton Zitomer, Esq. who also happens to be a campaign donor to Union County democrats.

Scotch Plains Town Manager Al Mirabella can get a raise on his $145,000 annual salary, without a resolution or even the knowledge of most of the council, because of ‘past practice’:

Where would that legal advice have come from?

The Scotch Plains township attorney is Robert Renaud, Esq who came in last year with Mirabella when the democrats took control.  Renaud and his firm have donated substantial money to democrats in Union County and, according to the county check registry, his firm has gotten $775,970 in fees since 2004 out of Union County. Recent donations include:

  • 10/8/13 – $600 – Beckerman, Louis General, Scotch Plains Democrat
  • 10/29/13 – $2,500 – Beckerman, Louis General, Scotch Plains Democrat
  • 10/17/14 – $1,000 – Bianco Delsordi & Checchio Scotch Plains Democratic Victory

Renaud was obviously looking to a buy a job, which he got, but in addition to his money the politicians of Scotch Plains also seem to have gotten his blessing for their whims.


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