UCCF 10/13/16: More on Mountain Biking in Watchung Reservation

Tonight’s freeholder meeting had a lot on trying to keep the Open Space Trust Fund Theft going, some more pay-to-play, and a welcome return of a regular after a long hiatus but first – mountain biking at Watchung Reservation got some pushback:

Freeholder response:


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  1. Posted by steve on October 14, 2016 at 6:39 am

    Ms Krauss opposition had a lot of valid points that were ignored by Mr Bergen–such as original intent and designation by the founders-his answer was a-typical in short they will redefine the original intent and of course “they know better”–ps–what is coming next ? condos ?


  2. Posted by Mike on October 15, 2016 at 9:48 am

    Clearly, the freeholders are being pressured (some say bullied) by a very marginal yet highly organized and relentless single interest group to whom Chairman Bergen mistakenly referred to as “a fairly large portion of the residents in Union County.” Oh, really? There are over half a million residents in Union County, the vast majority of whom are totally unaware of this looming disaster that didn’t work 20 years ago and won’t work now, only this time it would be much worse. Yet the chairman provided a glimmer of hope when he seemed to stipulate that there would only be separate trails established for bikers, who will not be permitted to bike on any hiking trails. But would the bikers obey the law and stay off the hiking trails? An introductory probationary period would be needed. And kudos to the freeholders for moving at a snail’s pace while they carefully consider the not-so-silent majority who are now raising valid concerns and presenting cogent reasons why it’s just a bad idea altogether.


  3. Posted by Henry on October 19, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    Bullied? Really? Looming disaster? Mike if you had a female name I would ask if it was that time of month. The freeholders deserve to be vilified for moving at a snails pace, ignoring a segment of the tax paying population in favor of a hysterical minority who base their arguments on fantasy instead of fact. To date the fact remains there is no regulation banning the use of non motorized devices (mountain bikes) from the reservation. The bullying appears to be from the tiny minority who want to maintain the space a their personal backyard. Perhaps you did not attend civics classes back in school, a representative republic form of government relies on the input of the population. Providing input is not bullying, it is considered participating. Labeling it as bullying because you do not agree indicates you are grasping at straws, relying on emotion rather than facts to support your position.


  4. Posted by Mike on October 19, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Henry: It is you who is being emotional here. Go back and read what I typed. I said “pressured” (my word) and then parenthesized that “some say bullied.” Perhaps that struck a nerve in you. The freeholders are to be commended for moving at a slow and careful pace while they consider all users. And our argument is based on FACT, that fact being that 20+ years ago it was a disaster as the bikers dominated the entire reservation and ruined it for other users. That’s why the county put the kibosh on it. Further, I must correct your misinformation that there is no regulation banning mountain bikes on the trails. It’s Union County Ordinance § 115-14 G. Operation in designated areas. “No person shall operate a bicycle on a roadway, except as a thoroughfare, and no person shall operate a bicycle upon any sidewalk, footpath, footbridge, or bridle path, except those that are specifically set aside and marked for bicycle use. No person shall operate a bicycle in such a manner as to impede vehicular traffic.”


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