Union County Election Results

When your opposition spends about $50 on their campaign the outcome will never be in doubt:

But there were some interesting results in contested races in the municipalities per nj.com:

Berkeley Heights – Republicans

Vote for two; three-year term.
✓ Peter Bavoso (R) – 2,814
✓ Manuel Couto (R) – 2,789
Edmund Tom Maciejewski (I) – 1,224
Stephen Yellin (D) – 2,277
Jill Zatta (D) – 2,173

Cranford – Split

Vote for two; three-year term.
✓ Ann M. Dooley (D) – 5,612
James Kent Lucas (D) – 5,038
John V. Mallon (R)* – 5,357
✓ Mary O’Connor (R)* – 5,470

Garwood – Democrats

Vote for two; three-year term.
✓ Jennifer Blumenstock (D) – 1,073
✓ Marc Lazarow (D) – 1,020
James A. Mathieu (R)* – 791
Anthony J. Morales (R) – 821

Kenilworth – Democrats in a close one

Vote for two; three-year term.
✓ Kay Anne Ceceri (D)* – 1,525
✓ Mark David (D) – 1,507
Scott Pentz (R)* – 1,435
Fred Pugliese (R) – 1,476

Vote for one; unexpired term.
✓ Larry Clementi (D)* – 1,548
Richard LoForte (R) – 1,422

Scotch Plains – Anyone looking for a township manager?

Vote for one; four-year term.
Kevin Glover (D)* – 4,536
D. Keith Owens (I) – 487
✓ Alexander Smith (R) – 5,972

Vote for one; four-year term.
Luisa Bianco (D) – 4,829
✓ Theodore Spera (R) – 5,844


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve on November 9, 2016 at 7:38 am

    You have said a mouthful—-The repub state leadership has treated us like step children, nothing but lip service,we have been only able to put up what I term as “place holders” on the ballot,with no resources (except personal) they do not stand a chance–the dems jokingly refer to them in union as “grave markers”–maybe with DT in the WH things will change????


  2. Posted by bpaterson on November 9, 2016 at 11:41 am

    double dipping township manager/freeholder pig Mirabella will get his due, sadly much too late, he will have a rich undeserving pension of around $65k instead of $90k he piggishly groveled for the 2 years he served. The trick here is to find out how his contract was written. Plus the dems may have the plurality still in SP. Hope integrity prevails for the taxpayers over there. The contract needs to be scrutinized and broken. Scumbag pigs like Mirabella, and his dark side ilk have a habit to guarantee riches to themselves no matter what befalls them later.


  3. Posted by Brian P Keane on November 16, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Looks like the Union County Inc.,ParaTransit Buses where busy that day bringing the county workers to and from election polling stations. Remember to vote for the patronage so you will be rewarded your measly 3% salary IFPTE increases while the crooked politicians all get 200%..


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