Cranford Election Backers

Including what is becoming a very familiar name.

The Cranford Township Committee for 2016 consists of:

  • Andis Kalnins (R)
  • Mary O’Connnor (R)
    Deputy Mayor
  • John Mallon (R)
  • Thomas H. Hannen, Jr. (D)
  • Patrick Giblin (D)

Two Republican seats were up in 2016 so if the Democrats took even one of those seats (which they did) they would gain control of the Committee.  This situation would not have been lost on donors – one in particular.





  • Republican Committee of Union County: $7,000
  • Bramnick for Assembly: $1,350
  • Ellen Romer-Fernandez: $1,300
  • Kean for Senate: $1,000
  • Munoz for Assembly: $1,000
  • Amanda Lynn: $685
  • Jamie Reedy: $500
  • Nick Giuditta: $400
  • Douglas Blumenfeld: $340


  • Cranford Democratic Club: $8,000
  • Committee to Elect Hannen & Giblin: $7,100
  • Business & Government Insurance Agency, Inc.: $3,500
  • Harbor Consultants: $1,000



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