Union County Websites

In 2013 Monmouth University put out a report rating 540 municipal websites in New Jersey. Links to those websites in Union County (with their Monmouth rating) now appear on the right sidebar of this website for easy reference.

Whether the rankings still pertain is debatable but if access to budget documents is your primary concern then it is notable that…..

The Winfield website does not link to any budgets at all while Hillside and Rahway do not have 2016 budget information up yet.  Plainfield links only to a ‘user friendly’ budget that turns out to be five spreadsheets with scores of worksheets that may be convenient to upload but are no picnic to wade through when you are looking to glean revenue and expense data to make comparisons among the towns – which we will do.

In future blogs we will look at aspects of government spending within the county based on available information from those 2016 budgets which you can find here and on the UC Need to Know sidebar of this website.


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