Union County Pension Scofflaws

In 2010 ‘reformer’ Christie took aim at curbing excessive benefits for public employees:

Gov. Chris Christie and lawmakers of both parties will unveil a series of sweeping pension and benefit reforms Monday that could affect every public employee in New Jersey while saving the state billions of dollars, according to four officials with direct knowledge of the plan.

The proposals would require workers and retirees at all levels of government and local school districts to contribute to their own health care costs, ban part-time workers at the state and local levels from participating in the underfunded state pension system, cap sick leave payouts for all public employees and constitutionally require the state to fully fund its pension obligations each year.

That state funding requirement turned out to be a joke and, after looking through the state database of active pension members, that ban on part-time workers does not seem to have completely taken in Union County.

S-2/A-2461 effective on or about May 21, 2010

  • Limits enrollment to defined benefits plans to full-time employees instead of the compensation threshold currently in PERS.  For local government, full-time employees must work 32 hours per week.  Employees working less than 32 hours prior to the law going into effect would continue in the pension system as long as they remain continuously employed.
  • All new part-time employees, defined in the law as those working less than 32 hours per week, no longer qualify for PERS but will go into the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.
  • Increases the compensation requirement to join the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan from $1,500 to $5,000.

Sorting by salary that database of public employees in Union County reported as having entered the pension system after May 21, 2010 we find these employees on the low-end:





Do these public employees work over 32 hours per week? Do they have a second (or third) public sector job that gets them into the defined benefit system? Has there been another law change to get them in that did not get publicized quite as much?

Or are these people in the system by mistake and will they be getting pensions by mistake too?


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