Summit Action Night

“We’ve found through our experience that timid supplications for justice will not solve the problem. We’ve got to massively confront the power structure.”

Martin Luther King Jr. – 1967

Primarily on account of this:
2010-2016 taxes growth

Summit residents and their families are planning a field trip to the February 23rd freeholder meeting “to calmly and respectfully ask our elected Freeholders to keep Summit property tax increases at or below the 2% New Jersey State cap.” They point out that:

“Summit taxpayers were assessed $38.5MM by Union County in 2016, and have been assessed more than $295MM over the last eleven years, a 64% increase! Our Union County Assessment crowds out critical expenditures in our schools and city, now taking 30% of our budget. We need to control our Union County taxes in order to be able to fund our schools and city services.”

Summit does indeed pay the highest per capita taxes in the county by far:


But they have been down the calm and respectful path before and that veered onto a dead end:

In the next blog I will suggest what Summit, and all other county, taxpayers should specifically be demanding based on what is now going on a decade of observation of how the county runs – and not necessarily calmly.


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