Charlotte Defilippo Dies

Per a Union County press release:

Charlotte DeFilippo was a visionary, an innovator, and a trailblazer throughout an extraordinary governmental and civic career that spanned six decades.

A titan of County and local government, Charlotte also served in various elected, and governmental capacities in her hometown of Hillside. At the County, she served as a Freeholder early on in her life. She later served for more than a decade as the Director of the Union County Improvement Authority where she created a legacy of public projects that transformed County Government and are providing long lasting benefits to all citizens at every level of society.

On a personal level, Charlotte had a brilliant mind, was a great strategist and incredibly engaging in conversation on so many topics. Her influence on her friends, as well as local and County government, and the residents of our community will be long felt. She will be sorely missed. Flags in Union County will be flown at half-staff.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bpaterson on February 22, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Epitaph from an honest democrat (yes, charlotte both honest dems and gop hated you, so BS your excuse in the video above, that it was just political. Thats why the state forced you into retirement because you were caught trying to rob an extra $5 million buried in the UCC bond): So the corrupt honor another dead corrupt. I’m wont to speak ill of the dead, but she hurt so many residents and taxpayers of union county with her corrupted system that she and senator lesniak created as both of the area’s political bosses, that she deserves no respect from anyone except of course those that were on her politically connected gravy train such as incompetent relatives, friends, campaign contributors, political bosses, minions and operatives who all fed at the taxpayer funded trough, the pigs that they all are, as proven by the union county watchdogs chronicling herein of this county. She was a stain on integrity of good government. If it wasnt for her being allowed to get her greasy fingers on the taxpayer money, she would have just been a frumpy old lady sitting at her dining room table, smoking cigarettes and surrounded by cats. For every supposed good deed she may have promoted, there were 3-4 nefarious behind the scenes others that overwhelmed any good that was just a smoke screen anyway. But she can be safe assured that her machine churns on, the corrupted system is unstoppable enriching and self serving, at our expense, those that hold her as the unholy one…and those of you who are reading exactly know who you are. Let her deal down under, theres a machine there that is bigger and perpetual than what her and her ilk can contrive.


  2. I am an insurgent who agrees with the watchdogs more often than not, but civility is as important as truth. Charlotte DeFilippo was an extraordinary person who dedicated six decades to government and civic affairs, and she put up with critics the entire time, so there is no point in speaking ill of the dead.

    And for those of us who are in the fight, the corrupted system is not unstoppable.


  3. Posted by steve on February 22, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I try to refrain talking about the dead ,BUT! As a resident of hillside during her reign of terror, I DITTO B.P’s epitaph——ps she never left her kitchen—


  4. Posted by Mark Boehme on February 23, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    I choose to speak truthfully about the dead. If we don’t speak the truth, corruption will continue as a way of life not just in Union County, but everywhere.

    Without a doubt, Ms. DeFilippo did many good things during her career. She spent most of her working life in government. Sadly, I believe what happens to these powerful politicians, much like in the case of Jamie Fox, they develop an attitude that it’s time to “cash in” or “monetize” their public service, i.e. get what they “deserve” after years of hard work. Some become consultants like Mr. Fox, who monetize their connections, while others hand out jobs and encircle themselves with people who owe them favors. In the case of Ms. DeFilippo, she was overseen by a very friendly board of directors, who depended on her support for their jobs or other activities. As a result she was rewarded with an exorbitant salary and gold-plated benefits at UCIA, far beyond anything most residents of Union County enjoy, in return for very little time spent working on UCIA business.

    While I am saddened at the passing of any human being, the truth matters.


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