2.9% County Tax Increase

After pleas from several Summit residents for no tax increase and some pointed suggestions from the last speaker in public comment time the County Manager announced his executive budget for 2017. What you need to know:

Full budget statement:

After my making four pertinent suggestions about how to cut tens of millions of dollars from this budget:

Nothing I suggested was illegal in New Jersey, as far as I know, which is the whole point. New Jersey is a cesspool of corruption where pay-to-play rules provide a roadmap instead of a roadblock and the most unethical theft of taxpayer monies is either completely ignored or tacitly approved.

In the next blog you will see my four suggestions.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bpaterson on February 24, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    JB1-Thecounty managers budget is out, and guess what? Even though i pointed out the county had $50 million surplus back at end of 2015, 10% of their HALF BILLION DOLLAR COUNTY BUDGET, unheard of in BOE and muni budgets, THEY PLAN TO STILL INCREASE OUR TAXES ANOTHER $10 MILION!..how true your quote above: “most unethical theft of taxpayer monies is either completely ignored or tacitly approved”. thanks to the county political machine the freehlders are the biggest bunch of taxpayer rapists, thieves, pigs and idiots. Beacause they kowtow to the political boss lesniak they are connected and can do whatever they want which anything that is for the benefit of the taxpayers is actually nothing. The biggest pig is FREEHOLDER ALEXANDER MIRABELLA, who again is this years finance chair, who as not only a freeholder but was given a patronage job as town manager of scotch plains-this just to increase his pension 600% in just 3 years. he is example of why the pension system if failing, but he’ll bail out with the largesse well before the regular full time public employees who worked hard trying to make it up the ladder gets penalized because PIGS like FREEHOLDER ALEXANDER MIRABELLA think they are owed this money for enabling the corrupted system that hurts us all. btw, freeholder sergio grenados who i had hope for as honest, actually defended pig mirabellas increasingh is pension 600% What does one expect, grehados works for the bollwage machine in elizabeth, punk connected kid who had no background to be freeholder. He’s lost to the political machine.

    $10 million dollar tax increase, after $50 million surplus and they ignore the program to help all the towns with the revaluation costs they will be incurring. I for one will not let this go if I have to go to the towns and convince them the county is self serving pigs and thieves and suggest the towns form an alliznce and not send county tax money since there is no county govt anymore. And county manger faella is a major culprit in hiding all this extra surplus money. The towns and even the residents need to unite. The towns’ governing body must protect its constituents from unlawful seizure.


  2. […] The speaker, obviously ignorant of the massive tax increases and even outright tax theft that this board has perpetrated on the working people of Union County, […]


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