Four Budget Suggestions


  1. Get into the state health benefit program
  2. Stop stealing the Open Space tax
  3. Bar campaign contributors from being vendors
  4. Close down the UCIA

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by bpaterson on February 24, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    JB1-just some sidebar to your suggestions:
    1) state health benefit program: back around 2012, 2013 employees of the county (amazing it was actually the county employees that brought this up-so they also care about the huge waste from the upper hierarchy tht is hurting us all the employees and the residents)- They came to the FH mtg and had a study that the county would save $7 million going to the state health plan. You may have a video of that somewhere. Later it may have been county counsel Barry that said the contracts in force with the employees say that if they go into the state program they have to provide an equal or better health benefit and the state program does not have the gold plated ones the freeholders gave the employees. But it was suggested by watchdogs, residents and employees for 2 years afterward to negotiate with each contract as it comes up. The freeholders were afraid to do that.
    2) OSTF-you have spoken and written here often JB1 about the theft of these monies. Summit suggested the FH cut the tax in half. The FH are too dependent on this slush fund to keep their ersatz budget afloat so will do nothing about this cash cow.
    3) Pay to play: FH estrada defends it as all legal since he is on the receiving end of all the political donations from the firms he gives out contract to. Nice. Yet, the county claims they are always on the leading edge for special programs for the residents which of course costs extra tax money, yet when it comes to saving tax money they are too afraid to show some integrity.
    4) The UCIA is of course the hidden repository of the stupid and the crooks that are political connected and need to bloat their pensions with minimal work. Morris county actually has this MCIA inside their county govt, and in talking to the morris county mngr he said it saves money by getting rid of a level of bureaucracy. I had suggest this to FH jollah he was finance chair showing he could immediately save 500,000 when, and gave him a model ordinance that morris county used to enact it. He was probably too afraid to bring this cost savings to committee because he might lose his patronage job over at Kean College.

    JB1-all great initial ideas and the counties with integrity and good leadership embrace them-But when you have taxpayer rapists, pigs, idiots and minions playing freeholder in control of tax money and they in turn being manipulated by the political boss machine nothing short of getting towns to form an alliance and hold back county tax money will do


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