2017 County Budget Fallacies

The County Manager’s introduction of his 2017 Executive Budget took place after public comment time this year.  Usually it kicks off the meetings but what with the Summit people attending to ask for no tax increase and the sophistries included in the prepared statement he read it seemed a better idea not to open up this propaganda to question:


Sometimes they say the Executive Budget is less than last year’s total budget but the scam is the same. A lot of budget money comes from grants which would be all-inclusive for 2016 but only partial for 2017 so you are comparing two different things. The County Manager has to understand this (or else we are all in much bigger trouble) but coming out with such specious statements in public without fear of the derision they rightly deserve belies a contempt for the fiscal awareness of his audience (not only the public but the media and most of the freeholders) that partially explains why Union County regularly appears on lists of the highest taxed counties in the nation.

The truth is that Union County is, has been, and will continue (until you people collectively wake up) raising taxes to the highest levels they believe they can get away with.

Looking over the 2017 tax cap calculation you find:


$355,493,819.94 is the maximum amount the county CAN raise taxes to based on their calculation of the tax cap.

Adding this 2017 tax amount (excluding of course the Open Space tax which is an add-on) to past budgets we have this sad history:



There is a good chance we will get a token decrease of that 2017 number as the freeholders ‘sharpen their pencils’ (or more accurately pay some general expenses through debt or Open Space tax money) but the trend is unmistakable – and disheartening.


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  1. Posted by bpaterson on February 27, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Perfecting legalized corruption like union county does, certainly comes with a heavy price on all of us (except those politically connected-as chronicled in past blog entries) . with union county govt, what we are looking at it a giant sucking machine on our collective pockets, the % county tax increases outpacing any and all towns’ BOE and muni tax increases. And exactly what are we getting for it. Outside of the perfect example of the useless acropolis of corruption (aka Galloping Hill Catering Hall) other boondoggles are the family courthouse, solar panel program, endless county building construction. But all this spending is actually being covered by the incessant county bond and borrowings so thats not part of the ANNUAL HALF BILLION DOLLAR COUNTY BUDGET. The watchdogs did do a post of the huge debt of the county which is now over $600 million (up from the $200 mill over the same period listed above in the post). SO WHERE THE HECK IS ALL THIS MONEY GOING????

    JB1’s article link is dated 2010 but does show the county in the top 10 of all expensive counties out of 800 counties studied. In other later studies which consider the stress level of residents, one compares based on taxes per medium wage- the county then moves up to the range of #7 to #3! Here is a link from 2015-#7-http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/04/7_of_the_10_counties_in_america_with_the_highest_property_taxes_are_in_nj_study_says.html

    Its time for the towns to band together and stand up to the imperialism of the ersatz county govt. To this democrat, this has gone beyond the realm of just calling it politics.


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