UCCF 3/9/17: Blind Hiking

Is this really the best use of funds to help our blind and autistic citizens? A $650,000 hiking trail? It looks like it will be of far more benefit to those building it then those who might be using it.

2017-237: Authorizing the County Manager to award the proposed contract obtained through advertised public bidding in accordance with the Local Public Contracts Law, NJSA40A:11-1 et seq: Department of Parks & Recreation, Division of Engineering, Pavelec Brothers Golf Course Construction, Inc., of Nutley, New Jersey, for the Sensory Trail Improvements Watchung Reservation, Borough of Mountainside, County of Union, New Jersey, for an amount not to exceed $652,444.85. (Union County Engineering Project Number 2016-006).

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  1. Posted by Sean Ryan on March 14, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Hello, seems like a noble idea, but if they really cared about “autistic and blind people”… the weakest amongst us, they would acknowledge, register and restore their Olmsted Park System! Olmsted fought for these people 150 years before anyone even though about the ADA! He wanted to name what he did at Central Park “Social Engineering.” Union County holds one of the greatest Olmsted Park Systems in the history of the entire USA, but they ignore it, abuse it and destroy it… and thus all his ideals. In his own words: “Public Open spaces for young, old, Jew, Gentile, rich, poor… spaces to view ourselves as unified Americans versus just disparate and separated immigrants…” Olmsted was the ultimate thinker on ‘the urban scale related to Democracy’… up there with Jefferson, Madison, Washington, etc. Look into it. And Union County is probably the most messed up Olmsted Park System in literally the entire USA (research and compare with the rest of the USA). It might be genuine ignorance on the part of our leaders… time will tell… efforts are underway to nationally register the Olmsted legacy of the Union County Park System. A lot will be said about their ‘true value system’ when they are asked the question: Do you support or are against the National Register of this important Olmsted American Park System?


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