UCCF 3/23/17: Conflicted Budget Management

Can the Scotch Plains Business Administrator oversee the Union County budget?

That question has been asked and answered (the answer being ‘yes’) at freeholder meetings but the question that has not been answered (again and again)…

is ‘how?’

Here is another place it was asked and the first response:

Dear Mr. Paterson

Your e-mail to The New Jersey Office of The Attorney General will be reviewed by the Citizens Services and Relations Office and if necessary referred to the appropriate Division within the Department for a response.

In the event you do not receive a reply, please notify Citizens Services and Relations at 609-984-5828 and mention this reference number: OAG-CS-1210

We appreciate your taking the time to write.

Reference Number OAG-CS-1210
Date-Time 03-22-2017 2:30 PM
Full Name Mr. Bruce Paterson
E-mail (redacted)
Phone Number** (redacted)
Address Street Address: (redacted)
City: Garwood
State / Province: NJ
Postal / Zip Code: 07027
Country: United States
County (NJ Only) Union County
Subject Mr Porrino: regarding Union County govt budget conflict
Message: Mr Jon Bramnick noted to call you about this. Urgent since Union County budget process is presently ongoing. Our Union County govt is presently in their 2017 budget cycle and something appears to be a major conflict (IMHO). The finance chair is freeholder Mirabella and 2 years ago he was given a patronage job (again IMHO) without any experience as Town Manager of Scotch Plains. We now have a Scotch Plains Town Manager (FH Mirabella) sitting as the Union County govt finance chair overseeing and controlling the Union County budget process, where the other 20 towns’ administrators in the county have no input or control of the Union County budget. In addition, as Town Manager of Scotch Plains he also votes and approves on the Union County budget, where the other 20 town administrators having no vote. I have brought these concerns up publicly by questioning at the freeholder meetings and County Counsel R Barry rules there is no conflict but does not give any substantiation, precedent or case law to his ruling, he is silent. (IMHO-Barry is bought by them giving Barry a $165,000 salary-he had also other had opinions on conflicts in the past-and should be disbarred but another story). Please review my allegations on the Union County budget process issue and respond back and correct this conflict, hopefully in a week or two.


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