Space-Utilization (Money-Spending) Study

Back on September 24, 2015 we had:

2015-800: Authorizing the County Manager to enter into a Shared Services Agreement by and between the County of Union and the Union County Improvement Authority for Strategic Facility Planning Services.



It seems to have taken a little longer than 90 days but that Space-Utilization Study just came out with the objective to:

 Assess the “Old Jail,” related facilities, and occupancy requirements as outlined in Amendment to Resolution No. 2015-800. From scope: The results of this project will support a “go forward” strategy regarding this asset in support of the overall Strategic Planning Services Report. It will address the future use of the facilities in the context of other planned portfolio activities and will outline essential “next steps” and high level cost comparisons for the various scenarios developed. It will act as a First Phase study that may indicate the need for further, more detailed studies to finalize the preferred scenario.

Whichever way they go, what the proposed scenarios all have in common is tens of millions of dollars in up-front capital costs, almost certainly with the UCIA involved:

space study


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