UCCF 4/27/17: Déjà vu and Mountain Biking Again

Tonight’s meeting had the budget adopted with several points of contention, a sculptor stiffed by UCPAC, $50,000 for war and, for you nostalgia buffs….this:

As for mountain biking in Watchung Reservations here are eight more commenters:









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  1. Posted by Lonerider on July 23, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    So after three years of promising repeatedly that mountain bikers would have access, approving the plan, and amending the contract to pay for it, they then cancelled the whole thing on May 18 2017, proving the freeholders are not to be trusted. Meanwhile this ban, nothing about which makes any sense — has now been arbitrarily expanded to ALL county parks after being created in a backroom by the unelected 20 years ago for Watchung. If you want scoundrels, look no further than Union County gov’t. They and their buddies walk off counting their money, those who want fair park access get screwed.

    I wish I had been carrying a recorder at all those meetings where gov’t officials promised access,… oh, wait, many of them are online because the county video tapes them. Shameless,. They don’t even try to hide their lies.


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