Solar Panel Fallout

What is the scandal here? Losing $26 million on a scam project approved by a bunch of dopes or losing $500,000 on an investigation telling you that you are a bunch of dopes?

“Ultimately this project, which was not supposed to cost the county anything … is costing the county millions, and will impact the county budget for years to come,” [former State Comptroller Matthew] Boxer said from the podium….The law firm’s report asserted that all county employees had acted in “good faith,” despite not appearing to comprehend the risks posed by the project.

This was Sussex County as something like this would never happen in Union County. The investigation part I mean. The scam we got and Union County taxpayers, through another bailout of the Union County Improvement Authority, are now paying.

And according to the story Sussex County operates quite differently from Union County:


Of the five freeholders who joined in the unanimous approval of the project in 2011, only Freeholder Phil Crabb, whose term expires Dec. 31, remains on the board. Crabb, a freeholder since 2008, is not seeking re-election.

Public oversight:

Several county residents expressed frustration during the meeting, citing the anticipated $500,000 final cost of the review and withholding the report from the public until minutes before Boxer took the podium. Boxer appeared on the same night that the county’s biggest event, the 10-day New Jersey State Fair, was going on at the nearby Sussex County Fairgrounds. Only 35 were in attendance when he began speaking.

Due diligence:

Boxer’s report concluded with nine recommendations aimed at preventing similar mistakes in the future, such as establishing a risk committee, avoiding projects too complex to understand and studying up on market dynamics before making a major investment.

Here is the $500,000 Sussex report. Tonight at 7pm the Union County freeholders will hold a special meeting embarking on another fiasco. Will 35 members of the general public be there? Will two?

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  1. Posted by readslikeamofiabook on August 10, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    It’s the same players … Stephen Pearlman formerly with DeCotiis, Gabel Associates, etc., involved with this Morris/Sussex scandal a/k/a a TOTAL FUCK UP and SCAM as is with the Union County solar scam. Funny how former comptroller, Matt Boxer, won’t name names in his report. Simple solution:

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LAW FIRMS ( ESPECIALLY DeCOTIIS), ENGINEERING FIRMS, ETC. who contribute campaign moneys to any party.

    Someone(s) should be prosecuted and/or sued. However, none of these entities have enough malpractice insurance to make the taxpayers whole. Looking at YOU, JONATHAN WILLIAMS, ESQ., the puppet master.


  2. Posted by readslikeamofiabook on August 10, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    So what the UC freeholders do, and many democrat-run municipalities in Union County and their elected officials follow suit, is to offer free backpacks, concerts, movies in the park, hot dogs and such other nonsense to offset their corrupt and incompetence such as this. I’m really surprised they just don’t show up at their meetings clown suits.


  3. Posted by readslikeamofiabook on August 10, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Funny how nj.commie just noticed this scam. Could it be because Sussex/Morris Counties are run by republicans? Why no coverage on Union County Freeholder solar scam failure? Could it be Union County is run by democrats? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    In any event, promises were made that this would be FREE. Everyone got scammed by DeCottis. Just like Encap.

    Scamming lawyers going to scam. Scamming lawyers going to make money scamming.


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