Bergen’s Record

A flyer came this weekend making some salient points about how taxes, debt, and fees have spiked over the five years that Bruce Bergen has been on the Union County freeholder board:

Though the facts in the flyer are indisputable, the odd thing is that Bruce Bergen is not running for election to the freeholder board this year.

He is running for the State Assembly with posters all over that give no indication of his party affiliation:

running against some incumbents also not particularly anxious to reveal their party affiliation:

The freeholder candidates this year are:

No signs yet of any Republican challengers.

For Bruce Bergen running for the Assembly as a Democrat in the 21st District is a matter of taking one for the team which he has done regularly in the past:

2005 General Assembly-21st
Vote Count Percent
Rep-ERIC MUNOZ 26,005 28.89%
Rep-JON BRAMNICK 25,665 28.51%
Dem-STEVEN MERMAN 19,050 21.16%
Dem-BRUCE BERGEN 19,281 21.42%

2007 General Assembly-21st
Dem-BRUCE BERGEN 12,364 19.62%
Dem-NORMAN ALBERT 12,196 19.35%
Rep-ERIC MUNOZ 17,873 28.36%
Rep-JON M. BRAMNICK 17,733 28.13%

2009 General Assembly-21st
Dem – BRUCE BERGEN 16,424 18.54%
Dem – NORMAN ALBERT 16,156 18.24%
Rep – JON BRAMNICK 28,003 31.61%
Rep – NANCY F. MUNOZ 27,985 31.59%

2011 General Assembly-21st
Dem – Bruce H. BERGEN 10,602 18.57%
Dem – Norman W. ALBERT 10,642 18.64%
Rep – Jon BRAMNICK 17,405 30.49%
Rep – Nancy F. MUNOZ 17,502 30.66%
Non – Darren YOUNG 907 1.59%<


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