New Union County Manager?

The county website still has Al Faella in the job but insidernj has a different guy with a behind-the-scenes explanation:

A wise man versed in the currents of Union County politics broke down the dynamics of Ed Oatman, chief of staff to Senator Nick Scutari (D-22), taking over the job of Union County Manager, the ending of the latest spat between senators Scutari and Joe Cryan (sworn-in today) as they vie to control a county left behind by retiring Senator Ray Lesniak (D-20).
“So it’s best to think of Oatman’s move to county manager as reflective of county politics,” said the source.
“I believe the current manager, George Devanney, is Lesniak’s nephew,” the source added. “So he’s gone, as is ray, and Scutari wants to block Cryan from taking over the county, hence, Oatman, who is widely liked in the county, and was just named to the Kean University Board of Trustees.”
Devanney was the county’s highest-ranking employee, earning $168,336 in 2010.
Devanney, in fact, left in 2011, replaced by another Lesniak ally, Alfred Faella.

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