Mahr v. Scutari: Getting Ugly

A lot is at stake in the battle over who will be the next Union Democratic Chairperson: ballot positions, county jobs, maybe even judgeships. Nothing to do with good government as taxes here will still be among the highest in the nation and political donors will still call the shots as to what gets done but there is some perverted entertainment value in watching a bunch of politicians eager to sell their souls confused as to who it would be more profitable for them to latch onto.

Among the latest doings and our poll:

Quite by accident I tuned into WMTR 1250 yesterday and a mayor was being interviewed about how she only takes $1 dollar in annual salary and gets a lot done for her town’s shopping district – it was Colleen Mahr.

Hillside Democratic Chairperson in Hillside gets into the race – to take votes away from someone?

Female politicians in Linden play the woman/bashing card against Mahr’s running mate: Is Armstead really worse than Holley or Cryan on the female issue?

Other responses:

All of the above unfortunately bad for Union County

A moderate (as if)

none of the above (3)


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  1. Posted by readslikeamafiabook on February 1, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    Look at Linden wannabe Linden Mayor Rhashonna cosby facebook posted the video of cory booker degrading a woman …yet Rhashonna cosby and she and her sidekick Gretchen offers no proof that armstead is anti-woman. They all cut from the same cloth.


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