Holley/Cryan Weigh In

What stands out in the Mahr/Scutari battle over who will be the next Union County Democratic chairperson (ie fundraiser, candidate selector, project instigator) is the total lack of focus on issues of interest to the average taxpayer (ie taxes). The reason is that it is not general taxpayers who are the electorate here but rather committee people and campaign donors who have their own agendas (ie. county jobs for their kids, building and consulting work for themselves, future ballot positions) which is why when insidernj reports on this internecine dust-up it’s all personal:

Following Plainfield Meeting, Holley Lights Into Slate Mate Cryan in LD20

“What Joe Cryan did to Mayor Andrian Mapp and the City of Plainfield is appalling and disgusting,” the assemblyman [Jamel Holley] said. “He is nothing more than a modern-day Bull Connor, pitting African Americans against one another.  I’ll be the first to remind Joe that he lives in an 80 percent minority district. Joe Cryan does not represent the 22nd legislative district. He had no authority to ‘bargain’ away a seat that is not vacant.”

“Colleen [Mahr]  and Cryan want to paint Nick as this old school party boss, but that’s furthest from the truth,” said Holley. “Nick Scutari is a Union County – American story. Growing up in Linden, serving as a local school board member, rising to the level as the youngest freeholder elected, walking in his journey to the State Senate…..that’s a true story.  A life we all wake up everyday and try to succeed in our own respective lives and professions. Jerry will recover and will be stronger than ever. However,  in the meantime,  Nick Scutari he has endorsed to lead this party into the future.”

Then Holley lit into Mahr.

“If any committee person is listening , don’t be fooled by the Mahr rants,” he said of the mayor of Fanwood. “It’s political posturing trying to get votes. Her and Joe are the true old party style politics of this state.  Nick will be a fresh breath of air.

Salters Swats at Holley after Bull Connor Reference

In pursuit of the Union County Democratic Committee chairmanship, Hillside Democratic Committee Chair Anthony Salters urged Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20) to dial back the rhetoric in the aftermath of Holley rolling out a Bull Connor reference to denounce Senator Joe Cryan (D-20).

“The statement by Assemblyman Jamel Holley comparing Senator Joseph Cryan to Bull Connor, [the racist former Public Safety Commissioner in Birmingham Alabama who suppressed peaceful protests by black and white people in the 60’s civil rights era with water hoses and dogs] was a bit too extreme for the circumstances of an alleged political discussion that supposedly went awry with Plainfield Mayor Mapp,” Salters said.

Cryan Denies He Ever Floated Armstead as an LD22 Assembly Option to Mapp

Senator Joe Cryan (D-20) this evening absolutely rejected as false an episode Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp presented this morning in his role as chairman of the Plainfield Democratic Committee.

Mapp told committee members that he decided to move away from Cryan – and in the direction of state Senator NIck Scutari (D-22) – when the assemblyman offered the name of Linden Mayor Derek Armstead as a replacement possibility should Assemblyman Jerry Green’s (D-22) illness produce a vacancy.

Cryan said Mapp’s memory is dead wrong.

“Over the course of countless discussions, I never spoke with Mayor Mapp about Derek Armstead becoming an assemblyman,” Cryan said. “It’s simply not true. Almost worse, it doesn’t even make sense. Why would someone propose an Assembly member from Linden where the Senator is already from Linden?

“With less than three weeks left to decide the next chair of the UCDC, it would seem that the opposition has decided to go completely negative and send out false accusations rather than explain to county committee members how they will be the best suited to lead our committee forward,” the senator added. “That should speak volumes to our committee members.”

Linden Lightning Rod: With Armstead in the Room, Plainfield Committeewoman Challenges Scutari


Other responses:

All of the above unfortunately bad for Union County

A moderate (as if)

none of the above (3)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by D.John on February 4, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Either way the residents of Plainfield are always the losers. With a Freeholder,
    Assemblyman, and County Chair from Plainfield, this City has made the least amount
    of progressive advances than any town in Union County. Our votes are always taken
    for granted. The elected officials enrich their friends,family and donors at taxpayers
    expense. I’d rather someone who promises nothing and may give, than someone who
    makes promises and does nothing. Adrian Mapp is the epitome of politics in Plainfield,
    he is by far worse than Gerry Green…and that’s saying a lot.


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