Union County Committee Members

According to David Wildstein:

In the special election for Union County Democratic Chairman last month, Nicholas Scutari won in a landslide: 412 to 341 over Colleen Mahr. In a race where you can count all 753 possible votes, a ten-point win is decisive; often candidates drop out if their internal counts are so far away from winning to spare their political allies the penalties that come from backing the wrong person.

In the aftermath, one Freeholder who backed Mahr, Mohamed Jalloh, looks to be out of a job; another is retiring, presumably to help Scutari take full control of the party.

Scutari’s win was helped by running up the score in the largest municipalities. He won 98% in Elizabeth (111-2), 98% in Rahway (47-1), 79% in Roselle (27-7), 71% in Linden (50-20); and 65% in Plainfield (40-22). Those five cities brought Scutari 275 votes – 68% of what he needed to win.

Which got me to wondering about the process. If the Democratic and Republican Committee chairpeople get to pick the candidates and Committee members get to pick the chairpeople then it is those Committee members who have the votes that count as well as being the ones who get catered to. Who are they and how have they been catered to?

For now, here are the names:

The municipal chairs of the Democratic Committee are:

BERKELEY HEIGHTS                    George Devanney                               59 Cornell Avenue        
CLARK                                               Nancy L. Sheridan                              26 Sandalwood Drive
CRANFORD                                     John Salerno                                       8 Garden Place
ELIZABETH                                     Tony Teixeira                                      1035 North Avenue
FANWOOD                                       Colleen M. Mahr                                 315 North Avenue
GARWOOD                                       Hugh S. Sinclair                                  228 Second Avenue
HILLSIDE                                         Anthony Salters                                   528 Chapman Street
KENILWORTH                                 Peter Corvelli                                      40 N. 6th Street
LINDEN                                            Nick Scutari                                         136 Yale Terrace
MOUNTAINSIDE                            Rick Schkolnick                                   1540 Long Meadow
NEW PROVIDENCE                       Stacey Gunderman                              19 Salem Road
PLAINFIELD                                   Adrian Mapp                                       535 W. 8th Street
RAHWAY                                           Kevin O’Brien                                     866 Madison Avenue
ROSELLE                                          Reginald Atkins                                   624 E. 3rd Avenue
ROSELLE PARK                              Daniel Petrosky                                   317 Sheridan Ave
SCOTCH PLAINS                            John Del Sordi                                    2311 Seneca Road
SPRINGFIELD                                 David Barnett                                      136 Tree Top Drive
SUMMIT                                            Susan Hairston                                    20 Lowell Ave
UNION                                               Joseph Cryan                                      1371 Beverly Rd
WESTFIELD                                     Janice Siegel                                       956 Wyandotte Trail
WINFIELD                                        Margaret McManus                            98A Wave Crest Ave

The entire list of Committee members is here for the Democrats and here for the Republicans.


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