Updates – Union County Employees and a Video

Data on participants in the New Jersey Retirement System have been updated through 2017 on the state website and here is  a spreadsheet, sorted by Union County employer and then name, of 21,379 employees getting total annual salaries of $1,404,457,957.

The 229 employees with salaries of over $150,000 annually are listed below, but first, something else due for an update:


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  1. Posted by Pat Hetic on March 29, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    I bet 85% have no education beyond a high school diploma. Oh sorry…most graduated from the College of It’s Who You Know and Who Owes You.


    • that would be kean college run by farahi the fraud, the president of Kean who fabricated his resume and the board of trustees controlled by then senator lesniak hired the fraud. And then the huge construction spending started for the campus buildings with all those no-bid contracts for surveying, legal, design, engineering, construction management. Soprano county, the most corrupt county in NJ surpassing Hudson.


      • oh yeah, when it was revealed that president farahi was a fraud, the board of trustees met and passed a resolution that integrity criteria is only to be imposed on students and staff. Soprano County.

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